The Best Pot for Deep Frying – Unbiased Reviews

The texture and taste that comes from deep frying cannot be matched with any other cooking method. You do not need to have a deep fryer to enjoy foods cooked using the deep-frying method either. In fact, there are pots that allow you to deep fry foods to perfection. Learning

10 of The Best Oven Safe Skillets for You to Try

Have you ever wanted to bake or cook something in the oven but didn’t have an adequate pan to do so? You’re not alone. Many people struggle trying to find cooking pots that can withstand the intense heat of ovens. While some larger pots or baking sheets can manage this,

The Best Pie Iron of 2021 – Unbiased Reviews

Are you looking for an exciting way to spice up your campfire cooking routine? The Pie Iron may be one of the most underrated cooking tools out there. This pan on a stick can churn out some pretty mean pudgy pies, hobo pies, and other mouthwatering treats. Trust us when

The Best Electric Griddle – Consumer Reports for 2021

Electric griddles make cooking for a crowd much easier. More cooking area means more food can be cooked at the same time. Classically used to make pancakes, french toast and eggs, electric griddles can be used to make just about any cuisine that can be cooked in a frying pan.

The Best Electric Wok – Consumer Reports for 2021

Are you looking to make restaurant-quality stir-fries from the comfort of your home? It is incredibly challenging to whip high-quality wok dishes without a powerful gas flame, ample kitchen space, and a culinary black belt. What if we told you there was a solution to your kitchen qualms? See Also:

The Best Copper Core Cookware of 2021

It’s no secret that home cooks are on a perpetual search for the best cookware. Copper core pots and pans happen to be some of the most coveted cooking vessels out there. While these specialty kitchen amenities tend to be quite pricey, they are sure to elevate even the most

The Best Grill Pan for Gas Stove – Unbiased Reviews

For those of you that don’t have a lot of backyard space or live in an area with less than perfect weather, cooking on a grill pan can be a great way to still enjoy that wonderful barbeque taste on burgers and steaks using a gas stove. Finding a good

The Best Crab Steamer Pot – Make a Great Seafood Boil

Anyone that loves the taste of freshly cooked seafood needs to invest in a crab pot. While making lobster or seafood boils can seem rather daunting, it’s not that hard. With a good crab pot, you should have the versatility to not only steam seafood, but also create wonderful stews

How to Choose the Best Pan for Crepes

Bring classy French cuisine into your home with the help of freshly prepared crepes. Originating in the northwestern region of France, a crepe is a very thin style of pancake prepared in a special pan. Since crepes are also versatile enough to serve either sweet or savory, you can enjoy

The Best Springform Pan – The Essential Tool for Every Baker

What is a springform pan and what can be baked inside one? Springform pans are used to bake thick-batter-type cakes and delicate cakes that would be damaged if flipped out of a traditional cake pan. Because they are not one solid piece, all springform pans leak. Using thick batters and

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