The Best Meat Cleavers – Cut Through Anything in the Kitchen

Meat cleavers have one of the most recognizable silhouettes in the kitchen. These knives are used when a chef’s knife is too dainty for a task. That can be chopping through a whole chicken, cooking a lobster, making stock or slicing through mammoth squash. They can also be used to

The 10 Best Left-Handed Chef’s Knives of 2021

There are some struggles that only left-handed people can appreciate. While most home cooks take their cutting tools for granted, southpaws have different ideas of knives, scissors, and other apparatuses, most of which are designed with right-handers in mind. While it’s true that most Western cutlery is double-sided, there’s no

The Best Electric Knife Sharpener – Consumer Reports

The most commonly used tool in any kitchen is a knife, so it’s important to keep the blade sharp and ready for its next task. You will find that a knife will start to dull after a few months of constant use. This can even happen to top of the

The Best Boning Knife – Unbiased Reviews

You just roasted a chunk of lemon-infused sheep meat to perfection, and boy, does it smell good. You decide to use your fork to eat the delicious pile of mutton, but you encounter a pinching pain caused by a pin bone bruising your tooth. How unfortunate. If only there were