Chicago Cutlery Reviews

​Chicago Cutlery provides stainless steel blades with a classic combination of design and superior performance. They cater to a range of needs from the beginners to experienced kitchen vet.

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set consists of a variety of knives and a stained pine wooden block where the knives can be safely placed. It has various characteristics that make it a must buy.

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Its characteristics are stated below:

1. Unleash the hidden chef in you:

This Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18- Piece Block Set consists of a wide variety of knives that can cater preparation of an extensive range of dishes, thus unleashing the hidden professional chef in a person. The highly functional handle has a soft grip makes the person confident enough to handle and operate it with ease.

2. Serrated edges:

Some of the knives included in the set have serrated edges, that do not need sharpening at all.

3. Use of superior quality material:

The blades of the knives are made using thick, superior quality stamped high-carbon stainless steel with exceptional sharpness.

4. Use of Taper Grind Edge Technology:

Generally, even the costlier knives tend to lose their sharpness after using them for a few times. Keeping this in mind, these knives have been manufactured using the Taper Grind Edge Technology which imparts them an edge whose sharpness lasts for a longer duration than that of other knives. It also enables a person to re-sharpen it easily and cut food items with utmost precision.

5. Contemporary outlook:

The assortment of knives is placed in a superior quality wooden block made of stained pine wood. Such a setup imparts a rich look that anyone would love to portray on the kitchen countertop. The handle of the knives is made of a black polymer with a bead-blast matte finish which imparts it a classic contemporary appearance.

6. Resistance to rust and stains:

The stainless steel ensures prevention of rusting of the blades as well as resists the formation of stains even after using it for a number of times. This makes it a cutlery with timeless beauty.

7. Stability and control:

The tang extends throughout its length from the tip of the blade to its end, which makes it more stable, that can be controlled with ease.

8. Safety:

In order to provide safety to the person using it, the blades are triple-riveted to the ergonomic polymer handles which are non-porous in nature and have a fine polish. The non-porous nature of the handle, prevents moisture build up and can be cleaned easily which ensures hygiene after usage.

9. Comfort:

It has been manufactured to provide greater comfort besides letting a person handle it with proper balance by the use of its poly handles that has a great grip. This prevents the chances of slippage of the knives while using them and thus minimize the chances of any injury.

10. Lifetime Warranty on the product:

Chicago Cutlery comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The only thing that must be kept in mind is to wash them properly and dry them after using, to maximize its benefits.

The items included in the Chicago Cutlery Fusion Forged 18- Piece Block Setare enumerated below:

  • check A 7.75 Inch Chef Knife: It is a highly versatile knife that can be used for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing any ingredient required for preparing a dish.
  • check A 7 Inch Santoku Knife: This knife can be used for chopping vegetables and other ingredients that are smaller in size.
  • check A 5 Inch Utility Knife: This is a general purpose knife that has versatile uses.
  • check An 8 Inch Slicer Knife: This knife has an optimum length that makes it apt for slicing wide meats, poultry, and fish. It has rounded tip that doesn’t pierce the flesh when the direction of the blade changes while cutting them.

Other components of the set include:

  • check ​A 3-inch peeling knife
  • check ​ A 7.75-inch bread knife
  • check ​ A 5-inch partoku knife
  • check A 3.25-inch paring knife
  • check 8 number of 4.25-inch steak knives
  • check An 8-inch sharpening steel
  • check A Stained pine wood block

Chicago Cutlery

​There are many other items of Chicago Cutlery out of which, the ones that are best in class, best as individuals and budget-friendly are stated below:

The best class of Chicago cutlery includes:

1. CHICAGO CUTLERY 18-PIECE INSIGNIA: This comes with stainless steel blades and handles which are also of the same material, imparting it a rich modern look.

2. CHICAGO CUTLERY DESIGN PRO 13-PIECE: This includes knives as well as scissor with an innovative design.

3. CHICAGO CUTLERY FUSION FORGED 21-PIECE: This includes cutting board along with knives and sharpeners that caters all the kitchen requirements.

The best budget Chicago Cutlery includes:

1. CHICAGO CUTLERY ESSENTIALS 15-PIECE: This has the full metal tang and black polymer handles which is excellent for cottage use as well as a spare set.

2. CHICAGO CUTLERY BELMONT 16-PIECE: This consists of the regularly used knives which serve as the best starter set equipped with items more than what is needed.

3. CHICAGO CUTLERY ELSTON 16-PIECE: This consists of knives with hollow handles which still serves the purpose well, by maintaining balance

The best individual Chicago Cutlery are:

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion II 7.75″

Also known as the Chef’s knife, it is the most versatile knife used for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing.

2. Chicago Cutlery Belmont 8″

It is also known as the bread knife used for all serrated usages ranging from crusty bread to thinly skinned tomato.

3. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 3″

Also known as the Paring knife, used for peeling, cutting, cleaning, and garnishing. It is best if a small and accurate work has to be done.

Chicago cutlery provides steel blades of unmatched quality made out of the best grade of stainless steel. They have an elegant look beside being highly functional. The fully forged blades provide utmost safety to the person by maintaining stability, balance and providing an excellent grip.

It is essential to remember that they should be cleaned by hand only and strictly avoid washing them in the dishwasher, to ensure its longevity.

So, it is highly recommended to get these blades and have a great cutting experience, like never before.