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DIY Deep Cleanse: 1-Day Workshop to Reveal Your Healthiest Self

Saturday, May 6

10:30 am - 4:30 pm


10 out of 14 available
DIY Deep Cleanse: 1-Day Workshop to Reveal Your Healthiest Self (5/6/17) 10:30am-4:30pm$350.00

If your body is in need of some spring-cleaning, but you don’t want the stress of restrictive regimes, why not create a customized detox program for yourself?

Join chef and clean-eating expert Megan Huylo for this in-depth workshop that covers everything from the history of ancient cleansing rituals to an objective look at modern programs on the market. Optimize your body’s natural detoxification process by learning how to best support your endocrine, digestive, and lymphatic systems, all through simple, clean eating. You’ll make satisfying, delicious juices, smoothies, and meals that are easy to recreate at home and will keep you glowing all summer long.


Dishes We'll Cover

Beginner’s Green Juice with Green Apple, Spinach, Parsley and Lemon

Hydrating Cantaloupe and Cucumber Juice with Ginger, Lime and Mint

Savory Green Smoothie with Young Coconut, Bok Choy, Fresh Turmeric and Ginger

Peaches N’ Crème Smoothie with Spinach, Hemp and Apricot

Raw Almond Milk with Maca and Coconut Oil

Savory Pumpkin Seed Milk with Curry and Lime

Seasonal Greens and Wakame Salad with Quick-Pickled Carrot, Avocado, Gomasio and Sesame-Ginger Dressing

Chilled Bell Pepper and Pineapple Gazpacho with Jalapeno, Fresh Cilantro and Lime

Edamame Hummus and Crispy Seed Crackers

First Harvest Quinoa Bowl with Snap Peas, Poached Radishes, Garlic Scapes and Shiitakes

Market Vegetable Plate with Sorghum and 3-Herb Battuto

Raw Coconut Pudding and Macerated Berries with Sweet and Salty Seed Crumble and Fresh Mint

About the Instructor

Megan Huylo is a chef, cooking instructor and culinary consultant offering services throughout the Hamptons and New York City. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chefs Training Program, she is dedicated to using healthy, whole foods that are local, seasonal and organic whenever possible with a focus on plant-based cuisine. Megan has been featured in numerous media outlets including Glamour, Fox News, Hamptons Magazine, The National Culinary Review, and was a finalist on Season 1 of HLN’s Cook Your Ass Off. Her culinary experience is diverse ranging from restaurants to school cafeterias to running the kitchens of some of New York’s most popular cleanse companies. Currently, she is chef at Bhumi Farms in East Hampton, NY. Please visit www.meganhuylo.com for more info.

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