Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife Review – Consumer Reports

Have you ever felt you needed to own an electric knife, but you have not purchased one because you do not want to keep them in your drawer? Now you are looking for an electric knife that will give more options not just for slicing food alone but for other things. The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife can get you everything you want and more because it is made from high-quality stainless steel and has multiple blades. The CEK-40 Electric Knife is flawless for all events, for example, Thanksgiving dinners. This fantastic Cuisinart Electric Knife uses slight electricity but achieves to deliver excellent carving and cutting performance. In this review, we will take a step by step review of Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife.

Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife


Cuisinart Company started in the year 1971. It is owned by one of the largest home appliances manufacturer. Cuisinart Company has produced several knives, but Cuisinart model CEK-40 electric knife is the best of knives ever generated by the company.


Cuisinart CEK-40 is one of the best electric knives used in the home or restaurant for slicing bread, for cutting meat, for slicing brisket, filleting fish, and other types of food. Cuisinart never disappoints. These are the reason I never hesitated in buying Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife as it provides high performances that dwarf most electric knives in the market. The electric knife meets all your home cooking functions, not needing multiple cooking tools when making dinner for family and friends.


Cuisinart CEK-40 is electric powered. These electric knives are cordless due to its rechargeable batteries merged in the knives. The powerful motor makes it easy and possible for users to separate bones from meat. The ergonomic handle design of this electric knife makes it easy for both left and right-handed people without feeling fatigue when carving and cutting for an extended period.

The ergonomic handle also provides powerful grip, which makes it safe when you are making use of the electric knife. These make it perfect for all customers. This knife fits in the hand of the customer perfectly. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife blade is created for vegetables, to slice beef, turkey, roasts, melon, pineapple, chicken, fruit, hard cheeses, eggplant, zucchini, ham, and squash. The bread slicing blade of CEK-40 is made solely for bread, plus can cut through the loaves evenly and consistently without grinding the bread.

The blades are a little longer in size (8 inches). The motor is powerful and sufficient enough to slice through vegetables and bread, but not powerful enough to slice or cut through thick roasts. Each blade is created from resilient stainless steel that repels corrosion and rust. The stainless steel guards the blade against breaking and bending even in pressure when slicing, which preserves the steel blades ready and sharp to cut food smoothly. The electric blades are complemented with a blade release button and by a blade lock, which permits simple change of blade and safe storage respectively.

Another excellent feature of Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife blade is the fact it comes with a hardwood butcher block. The hard block has been carefully created from hardwood, hence which gives a stable and safe place to keep your knife. Also, the hard block allows for attractive storing on your countertop or in your drawer.


Lastly, Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife has gained so much popularity than other electric knives because of its easy and straight-forward maintenance ways. The CEK-40 permits you to safely and quickly remove the steel blades from the electric knife using the electric blade release buttons. Once the steel blades are out, you can go ahead by washing in a dishwasher or by hand, and dry them by cleaning the handle of the steel knife with a clean, dry cloth before locking them back into its position.


  • Dimension: 4 × 12× 5.5 inches
  • Item weight: 0.5 ounces
  • ​Color: Black or Natural
  • ASIN: B00004WKI3
  • ​Powerful Motor
  • Safety lock
  • ​Instruction manual
  • Also includes carving blade, bread blade.
  • Two steel blades
  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart


Below are advantages of using Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife:

  • Easy to make use of Cuisinart cek-40 electric knife.
  • Cuisinart CEK-30 Electric Knife Cleans easily.
  • ​Cuisinart cek-40 is very comfortable in handling.
  • ​Cuisinart cek-40 cleans easily.
  • Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife has two separate steel blades.
  • ​Cuisinart cek-40 cuts effortlessly.
  • CEK-40 Electric Knife has a one-touch off/on control.
  • ​CEK-40 Electric Knife has replaceable and removable blades when bought.
  • Less exertion.
  • ​Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife is precise.
  • ​CEK-40 Electric Knife reduces wrist and hand pain.
  • The CEK-40 Electric Knife steel blades are also dishwasher safe.


Below are the disadvantages of Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife:

  • Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife cannot or must not be used in a wet condition or environment at all.
  • The Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife butcher solid block takes up a large portion of space.

Bottom Line

The above article has given you a full review on the Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife. It has a flawless design and very perfect for all kind of events. Either you need it for kitchen activities or any activity that require the use of a knife. This electric knife could be the best for you. Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife dominates many other kitchen appliances in the market. When it comes to quality and innovation CEK-40 brand is the best with delivery fantastic ways of carving and cutting performance. Now your time in the kitchen is much more fun with the Cuisinart CEK 40 Electric Knife.