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Dustin Harder The Vegan Roadie

Help Support Season Two of Alum Dustin Harder’s “The Vegan Roadie”

Posted February 10, 2016

Join Chef’s Training Program alum Dustin Harder as he takes viewers on a journey across America exploring vegan businesses and showcasing mouth-watering plant-based eats from chefs around the country with his web series, The Vegan Roadie. After visiting restaurants, Dustin closes every episode with a 5 Ingredient Challenge using local produce to create a delicious dish in his hotel room, giving hope to the traveling vegan. Season one was funded by a successful crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and season two will be just the same.

“There’s nothing like this on TV – Dustin finds the goods and he is a delight to watch,” says Melissa d’Arabian, Food Network/Cooking Channel host and cookbook author.

Partnering with Field Roast Grain Meat, this season Dustin will be stopping at venues across the country to serve up Field Roast products to the public, spreading the plant-powered joy. He will also conduct his Vegan Roadie cooking class comprised of recipes from season one of the show, bringing a hands on Vegan Roadie experience to as many people as possible.

“Vegan Roadie offers a glimpse into a culinary revolution, a show that’s both fun and entertaining for vegans and non-vegans alike,” says Chloe Coscarelli, Chef/Owner of by CHLOE, cookbook author, Cupcake Wars Winner and fellow Chef’s Training Program alumnae.

As the word “vegan” trickles more and more into the mainstream, shows like this keep up with the flow delivering consistent and quality content. The Kickstarter campaign for season two is now live until March 2. Every donation is a step closer to recognizing that plants don’t just make the world a prettier place, but a tastier one as well. Head on over to Kickstarter.com to give what you can and share the link with your friends and family.

You can also follow Dustin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.