5 Best Water Softeners for 2022 – Consumer Reports

Hard water has numerous negative health and economic implications. It can spoil your skin and make it look dull. It can ruin your plumbing system by clogging and corroding the pipes. It can hurt your kitchen appliances. If you are exposed to hard water, investing in the best water softener can be a game changer. Using soft water in your household will protect your dishwasher, icemaker compartment of the fridge, and coffee maker.

Choosing the right water softener system

With different brands in the market, consumers find it difficult to choose the right water softener. There are many factors to consider before you arrive at the right system to serve your water-softening needs adequately. Major purchase considerations include:

  • Flow rate
  • Softening capacity
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Price

If you are shopping for a water softener today, here are five brands you should consider purchasing.

FLECK 5600 SXT Water Softener

Compared to other types, Fleck 5600 SXT is the best water softener if you are looking for a medium and high price range. With a grain capacity of 48000, it can soften even the hardest water. It is ideal for homes of up to six people. The system operates electronically and is able to work on its own. You just need to add water and salt after every few months. Besides, the regeneration process takes place automatically, thanks to the Fleck electronic valve. This machine has 4 ways of replenishing and rinsing the resin tank.

  1. Immediate meter regeneration
  2. Delayed meter regeneration
  3. Delayed time clock regeneration
  4. Day of week regeneration

The second module is the most useful of the four because it enables the machine to monitor water usage. This enables the system to regenerate immediately it reaches a predetermined point. In the end, you are able to have a constant supply of soft water. Additionally, the electronic valve has a 48-hour backup to help in the event of a power failure. It comes with an LCD backlit display and a user-friendly interface.
The resin capacity of this machine is 1.5 cubic feet, which is ideal for medium and large households. Alternatively, you can have an upgraded version of resin tank, which can last for up to three years and is more flexible to chlorine-ice water. This is advisable if you use heavily chlorinated water. While this model is slightly more expensive, it comes with the best installation kit and a pre-programmed digital valve that makes your life easier. Overall, it is effective, easy to maintain, well designed, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Iron Pro 2 Water softener

This water softener has a massive capacity and an effective iron filter that protects the entire house. Like the previous model (Fleck 5600 SXT), it comes with a digital valve that makes it regenerate automatically. In addition to its 64000-grain capacity, the system is durable, sturdy, and can handle even the hardest of water. Ideally, the model specializes in removing iron from water. Unlike other lightweight models, it does not clog, and can remove up to 75 grains per gallon of hard water. Given that hardness starts from 10.5 grains per gallon, you can imagine the effectiveness of the model.

The water flow rate of this model is up to 16 gallons per minute, which is ideal for homes with many bathrooms. With just a small amount of water and salt, this model can monitor water usage and to regenerate automatically according to your household water usage. It has the best warranty with 5 years on the digital valve and 10 years on the resin tank. You can also enjoy a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Overall, this model has a huge capacity, is robust, and highly effective. It’s ideal for big families and those with iron concern.

Revolution Water Softener

This range of water softeners is ideal for the entire home. They have an outstanding warranty and perform better than the highly regarded Fleck brand. Their softening power starts at 32000 grains while the largest system operates at 96000 grains. This range of softeners can handle water-softening demands of small, medium, and biggest homes. Models in this range have a strong water flow rate with a 2-tank design and digital meter. The digital valve comes with intelligent settings to minimize water and the amount of salt used.
Overall, the revolution range has top-notch models with a premium price tag. They have amazing features and save money on salt and water.


This system is more than just a water softener. It combines a complete water filter, UV filter, and a salt-free water softener all in one package. The water filter specializes in removing chlorine. Besides, it removes pesticides, accumulated heavy metals and other contaminants. The system has a lifespan of one million gallons or ten years of constant use. The UV filter eradicates viruses or bacteria that are too small for the regular filter to pick. It’s the final line of defense in this system.

The salt-free softener reduces scale by nearly 100%. Besides, it does not demineralize water like other salt-based models. This, in the end, protects appliances such as water heaters.

Eddy Water Descaler

This is a well-priced alternative to the more expensive models. It protects appliances from lime-scale buildup. It is unique and easy to install. It does not actually remove water hardness, but simply prevents the minerals from sticking to appliances or piping system. Important perks include:

  • More affordable
  • Salt and water-free
  • Removes no healthy mineral from water
  • Environment friendly

This model works purposely to protect your appliances and pipework from the effects of hard water.
Water is life, but choosing the right water softener is the first step to realizing this life. By using the right machine, you can protect your house and appliances from clogged pipes and water leaks. This list may not be exhaustive, but it does provide some of the best models in the market, which you can consider buying.