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Food Across the Lifecycle: Which Path Will You Take?

Posted August 4, 2017

Natural Gourmet Institute’s Culinary Nutrition and Food Therapy programs dive deep into the continuum of food across the lifecycle. Since their introduction a few years ago, they’ve become our most popular certificate programs. Combining health and nutrition education with practical hands-on cooking, these two programs allow students from a range of healthcare disciplines and culinary backgrounds to further their knowledge in a safe and supportive environment. So, what do these programs entail, and which one is right for you?

Culinary Nutrition

Our Culinary Nutrition program provides a practical approach to the science of nutrition. We sometimes call it Nutrition 101, but it’s so much more than that. Culinary Nutrition combines classroom hours and culinary experience, along with an amazing array of guest lecturers and group projects. We unpack current concepts, trends, and therapeutic approaches, and dispel some of the common myths in the marketplace today. Our focus is on health maintenance and disease prevention. We explore allergies and food sensitivities, nutrients of concern, sourcing and sustainability, and menu-planning for restricted diets. You’ll learn how the right cooking methods can maximize nutrient retention and we’ll explore the role of gut health on inflammation and immunity. You’ll learn how to modify recipes that fill dietary gaps and optimize wellbeing. Most importantly, you’ll gain proficiency in a professional kitchen, creating mouthwatering recipes and developing meal plans for diverse populations by using an evidence-based nutrition-focused lens. In Culinary Nutrition, you’ll hone your critical and practical understanding of food and health, and build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Food Therapy

In Food Therapy, we take a functional and integrative approach to nutrition, tackling the role of food as a therapeutic tool in managing illness and disease. Over the course of two weeks, we delve into the root causes of some of the most urgent metabolic and autoimmune related concerns of the day, including intestinal permeability, dysbiosis, stress, blood sugar dysregulation, and insulin resistance. We’ll teach you the nuts and bolts of how the body works and what happens when it doesn’t, and you’ll learn about organs and body systems as we explore the role of whole-food synergy from head to toe. Through formal lectures, field trips, visiting experts, and recipe-driven labs, you’ll learn how to intervene in the disease process, relieve symptoms, and help manage chronic conditions affecting millions of people worldwide. In Food Therapy, we aren’t diagnosing, we’re putting the prescription on the plate. Whether you’re a health coach, nutritionist, chef, or just looking to expand your knowledge, Food Therapy will help you build your practice and take your meal planning to a whole other level. No prior experience in the kitchen or in nutrition is needed.

Still not sure which program is right for you? Read what our recent graduates had to say!

“In the Food Therapy Program, I have not only learned a ton, but I have gained the confidence I need to go out and continue to educate people. The lectures have been so interesting and educational, and our time in the kitchen has been just the right amount of hands-on experience. The biggest surprise of all have been the people I have met. They are from all over the world, and their challenges and triumphs with their own health has been so inspirational,” said Leslie Dicke, Certified Health Coach & Food Therapy Grad.

“I always had interest in taking a class at NGI, so when I saw the Culinary Nutrition Program, I was ecstatic. It was right up my alley – a mixture of healthy recipe creation and nutrition… what more can a health blogger ask for?! My favorite part of the program was getting to meet and learn from so many inspiring speakers. The program definitely expanded my knowledge about preparing meals for certain diets, as well as my ability to apply a lot of useful nutrition information in my practice,” said Neda Varbanova, Health Coach & Culinary Nutrition Program Grad.

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