The Best Halogen Heaters – Consumer Reports

Do you have a small space you are looking to heat with a halogen heater? Or maybe you are going to a cottage in the winter and need something to keep you warm. Whatever the case may be this guide on halogen heaters will help you decide what they are used for, what to look for when choosing one and some of the best halogen heaters on the market today.

What are Halogen heaters?

Halogen heaters are portable heating devices that are used to heat an enclosed space by getting plugged into an electrical source. They operate by having halogen tubes that are used to radiate heat as opposed to other heaters that use electrical coils or heavy conductors as a source of heat. The heat from the halogen heater is pushed out by internal blowers through the grid on the front side of the unit.

There are mainly two main types of halogen heaters. There are those that oscillate to propel air and there are those that use blowers to propel air. Oscillating halogen heaters contain a fan that is used to propel air in and out of the heating system. Halogen heaters that use blowers just do blowers to propel air in and out of the system.

Halogen heaters come in different sizes and one can get whatever size that they are looking for. Normally one’s choice of the size of halogen heater to choose is dependent on the room size in which it will be used. The small ones are well suited for small rooms and the big heaters are suited for big rooms. They also come in different designs and the design depends on the function of the heater. There is a storage heater and a conservatory unit which are all different. This therefore means that each halogen heater has been equipped to address different problems and thus one should know what they are looking for in a heater when doing the purchasing. As much as high quality heaters are normally more costly, there are factors that one should consider in buying a heater.

Factors When Choosing Halogen Heaters

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a halogen heater to make sure that one gets a heater that will best suit his needs. Some of the factors that come into play include:

Energy Efficiency

Halogen heaters should be energy efficient since they convert light into radiant heat from infra-red regions. It should be energy efficient in that it should use less energy as compared to other heaters. They are great energy savers since they use the light that comes through the lamp by radiation utilizing only a total of 85% of all the power that comes through it. They also conserve energy by using only one bulb which has low energy consumption.


The good thing with halogen heaters is that no matter what amount of energy they are radiating they don’t heat up on the outer part making it safe. This does not mean that there are heaters that don’t get heated up, some get heated up on the front side which might be dangerous. This should be an important factor to consider especially in environments with kids or pets. Halogen heaters have the ability of reducing electric shock through having quartz that helps the heater to have shock resistance. So in buying a lamp one should make sure that the lamp contains quartz.


The size of the lamp will affect the energy it will radiate; a smaller lamp will radiate less energy as compared to a bigger lamp which will radiate more energy. As much as halogen lamps are portable and can be moved from one place to another, one should buy a lamp depending on needs. Small lamps are meant for small spaces and bigger lamps are meant for big spaces.


As much as different halogen heaters have different costs, halogen heaters are generally more expensive as compared to conventional lamps. The fact that they are more efficient also comes with more costs. High quality and durable lamps are more expensive since they are cost effective and require less servicing. The size of the lamp also affects the costs in that larger lamps are normally more expensive than smaller lamps.

Big lamps have a high running cost as compared to small lamps since they use more energy as compared to small lamps.


The fact that halogen heaters have halogen; it helps them to have a long usage life. Their bulbs contain quartz that is fused to help them to give high radiation as well as last long. It helps them to radiate constant high energy through their life cycle. Their halogen cycle helps them to be more durable and produce maximum luminous energy.

On/Off Response

Most halogen lamps are equipped with features that help in turning them on and off when need arises. There are those that are fitted with built in timers and there are those that are fitted with frost watch to help in turning them on and off instantly. Most halogen lamps are however equipped with tungsten filament that heats up to give radiant energy. When it is turned off it immediately stops radiating energy. Timers help one to turn the lamp on or off at certain times and frost watch helps one to turn the lamp on or off in freezing temperatures.

Ease of usage

Most halogen heaters are easy to install, use and control. All they need is a source of light for radiation. They are easy to control the amount of heat required and also have different capability of moving it around the house. This is thus also an important factor to consider.

Best halogen heaters in 2022

Some of the best halogen heaters in 2022 are:

Comfort Zone Flat Panel Halogen Heater CZHTV9

The comfort zone flat panel halogen heater gives a soothing radiant heat of 400/800 watts. It comes with a with slim line twin tube design that oscillates at 70° to make sure that you get enough heat in the room. It has been made with safety in mind by having an adjustable thermostat, a safety tip switch and a body that remains cool despite the temperature. It also comes with a top mounted control panel.

Key features

  • Operates on 400/800 watts
  • Designed with an oscillating angle of 70°
  • ?Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Has a safety tip switch
  • Has a top mounted control panel

What most amazon users liked about the heater is the fact that it is like an electric fireplace but at the same time not burning you because of the oscillation. They also liked the fact that it is cheap to buy and run while silent at the same time. What users did not like about the lamp is the fact it is very bright even in its low and it also doesn’t feel durable since it is light.

Soleus Air HE08-R3-21

The Soleus Air HEo8-R3-21 works by reflecting light to instant radiate and cause heat while at the same time using less power. The lamp is silent for those that do not prefer noisy lamps. It is however better for small spaces and thus can make a perfect Personal Spot Heater. It gives you the convenience you need by having a high and low heat settings to give you the freedom to adjust the heat settings. It keeps safety in mind by having a double safety protection. Its motorized oscillation feature helps it to uniformly heat the room.

Key Features:

  • Operates on 400/800 watts
  • Motorized oscillation
  • Has high and low heat settings
  • Has double safety protection
  • Silent
  • Uses less power

What many users liked about the heater is the fact that it is very energy efficient and uses less power. What they did not like about the heater is the fact that sometimes the power down switch does not work.

Optimus H-9010

The Optimus H-9010 is equipped with a quartz heating element. It has been made with convenience in mind and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling thus can be used in any setting. It operates on 600/1200 watt giving you a sun-like heat for a great ambience. Heater contains Quartz heating elements and halogen lights that are powered independently. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone and one only needs to pull cord to use. The heater is comes housed in a metal casing and bracket to make it long lasting and has protection for overheating.

Key features

  • Operates on 600/1200 watts
  • Easy installation with mounting bolts included
  • Oscillates on 90 degrees
  • On and off switch
  • Silent operation

What many users on amazon liked about the heater is the fact it is easy to install, what they did not like is the fact that it does not have a thermostat and looks like it has been wrongly labeled and should be 750/1500 watts.

Ceiling-Mounted Workshop and Garage Heater with Halogen Light HQ1500

This halogen light has a High-efficiency quartz heating element and 25 Watt halogen lamp that are controlled with an easy-to-use pull string. It is good for outdoors, garages and workshops by having a 1500 watt power to give enough power. Equipped with two heating settings it works to ensure it give enough which can amount up to 5200 BTU. The heater provides convenience in using it by having a 90 degree vertical tilting arm. Its durable metal casing makes it safe to be used in any environment.

Key Features:

  • Operates on 1500 watts
  • Two heat settings
  • High efficiency quartz
  • Durable metal housing
  • 90 degree vertical tilting arm
  • Has an easy to pull string
  • Can amount 5200 BTU

What many users on amazon liked about the heater is the fact that it is easy to mount and radiates heat well. What they did not like about the heater is the fact that it cannot radiate heat for long distances, the furthest it can reach is only 8 feet and also the housing is not as sturdy.

Comfort Zone CZQTV5M

As the name suggests, the Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater can be mounted on either a wall or ceiling. It has a High efficiency quartz element provides immediate safe heat. To ensure more safety, the heater comes with two heat settings: 760/1500 watts not to give you a limit to the amount of heat you require. The heater is also equipped with an adjustable 90 degree angle halogen light. This quartz heater has a durable metal housing to make t usable in any kind of environment without worries. It contains a pull string switch that helps to control heat settings and halogen light.

Key features

  • Operates on 760/1500 watts
  • 90 degree adjustable angle
  • Contains quartz element to provide safe heat
  • Pull string switch to control heat and halogen light
  • Durable metal casing

What many users liked about the heater is the fact that it performs great as a close proximity spot heater. When it is mounted so high however it will not work well as it won’t provide enough heat, the furthest is 7 feet. What many users did not like about the heater is the built in light. One has to know how to use it for it to work well. One cannot pull the string to prevent all the heating elements from turning on. When the string is pulled the third time it turn all the heating elements which stays on the whole time unless the lamp is switched off. The bracket is also not rugged enough to be used with the heater and thus one needs to drill an extra hole for more support. The pull string also operates on the opposite.

Other Heating Options

If you are unsure whether or not a halogen heater is the right choice for you, you can also take a look at some of this PROCOM indoor propane heaters as an alternative option. These can sometimes be a bit more dangerous due it running off of propane which means it just needs to be handled with more care. The bonus side is it can often be cheaper to run than halogen heaters.