Hayward Pool Cleaner Review

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When it comes to buying equipment for pool, the Hayward Pool Cleaner is a product that you can trust. The company has been in business for over 80 years and has produced cutting-edge technology that helps customer manage their pool. That is precisely the reason why it has become one of the more popular brands when it comes to various different pool products.

Maintaining your pool is very important and Hayward has the technology that allows you to do just that. The Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 The PoolCleaner Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Cleaner for Concrete Pools allows you to relax as your pool is vacuumed.



  • Automatic steering, requires no supervision
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive as compared to other automatic cleaners
  • Dodges obstacles
  • Low maintenance
  • Vacuum can adjust suction mouth to ensure it gets bigger items



  • Not the best around steps

How does the Hayward Pool Cleaner work?

It’s actually quite simple, with the Hayward Pool Cleaner you don’t need electricity to use the PoolCleaner. All you have to do is hook it up to your filter system which powers the device. The device then rolls around the pool vacuuming it as it moves about.

Hayward Pool Cleaner

This solution is far more cost-effective than having a robotic cleaner. It costs about half the price but performs just as well. So why spend so much when for a fraction of the price you get an automatic cleaner that does all the dirty work for you?

The Hayward Pool Cleaner has an innovative design. The wheels of the cleaner allow it to go from one end of the pool to the other without any problem while also go up and down the walls. It will ensure that the pool is clean so you don’t have to go back over it with a manual cleaner. Usually noise is a problem with pool vacuum’s but, you do not need to worry about that with the PoolCleaner.

The Features of the Hayward Pool Cleaner

The PoolCleaner is like other pool cleaners with a few unique features that help set it apart from the others.

Tires: specialized tires on the Hayward Pool Cleaner allow it to easily move around, making it quite versatile. You have the option of different types of tires so you can easily select one that is more suitable for your pool surface. The tires allow it to move around the pool and clean it.

Adjustable turbine vanes: No matter the suction system you have, the PoolCleaner makes sure it has the ideal level of water flow to ensure it works well. This allows it to be compatible with any type of pool.

Adjustable suction throat: You can easily change the suction throat to fit the need of your pool depending on the type of dirt and debris that your pool typically has. If you have a pool near trees then you can adjust it to a larger size so it can easily pick up leaves and so on.

Adjustable roller skirt: Uneven surfaces are no problem for the Pool Cleaner as the roller skirts allow it to move around with ease and vacuum the pool.

Steering sequence: The pool cleaner comes with steering sequences already programmed in to the system which helps it dodge obstacles within the pool.

These features help the cleaner perform its duties with ease around the pool.

Picking between the 2 wheel or 4 wheel Hayward Pool Cleaner

There are two types of Hayward Pool Cleaners you can go with. The 2 wheel and the 4 wheel cleaner. The size of your pool dictates which one would be more suitable for you. The 2 wheeled PoolCleaner is suitable for a pool that is up to 16’x32’. For a pool bigger than that you would need to buy a 4 wheel PoolCleaner.

What sets this Pool Cleaner apart from the others

Well the features that the PoolCleaner comes with sets it apart from its competition. The fact that it is automatic, makes it an amazing tool. You don’t have to supervise or constantly look after it. You can just turn it on and the vacuum will perform its duty. Depending on the size of the pool you have it normally takes anywhere from 2-5 hours to clean a pool, this is for small to medium sized pools.

There are no filters within the vacuum. That means that all the debris and dirt that the vacuum picks up go through the hose and into the pool’s suction filter. So be sure to clean your filter on a regular basis.

Since the Hayward Pool Cleaner has programmed steering in its system, it doesn’t get stuck very often. It gave us no problems in the numerous times we tested it. The wheels has suction breakers so drains are not much of a problem. Whenever it comes across an obstacle, the cleaner automatically changes its direction so you don’t have to supervise it.

The tires on the PoolCleaner are one of the best we have seen on a pool cleaner. The tires it comes with can easily work with pools with tiles or vinyl pool floor. They are however, not suitable for all types of floors. But Hayward has you covered, you can purchase the type of tire that is more suitable for the type of floor you have. Hayward’s offers a few different types of tires so you can pick accordingly.

Our Conclusion on the Hayward Pool Cleaner

Overall, if you are looking for a PoolCleaner to get rid of the debris and dirt no matter what size then the PoolCleaner is a wonderful tool to do that. It takes a little bit of time to clean the pool but the fact that it is automatic and requires, zero supervision makes it a no-brainer. You no longer have to spend hours yourself cleaning your pool, you can just have the PoolCleaner do all the hard work for you. While you sit back and relax.