How To Thin Peanut Butter

Ever come across a food picture and wonder how to thin peanut butter that much perfectly? Well, the answer is– practice. Creating that absolutely thin peanut butter is all about trial and error.

But how will you know if you are following the right recipe?  Peanut butter can be termed as one of the most stubborn elements– it just won’t melt! Once you nail that process, however, you just won’t stop drooling over it. Just drizzle a bit of peanut butter on your breakfast, your main dish, or any dessert and dig in that luscious flavor- it already sounds so mouth-watering!

Now moving on to the nuts and bolts, check out our guide to ace that thinning.

Steps to Thin Peanut Butter

Below are 5 easy methods that you can use to thin peanut butter the right way:

i. Stove Softening Method

This comes in handy when you prepare a sauce or soup recipe. It is one of the most direct and quickest ways to thin peanut butter.

What you need is a stove, saucepan, and of course, peanut butter.

  • Step 1: Begin by pouring a required amount of your peanut butter into a small pan or saucepan. Do not turn on the heat now! You would not like your dish to have a charred taste.
  • Step 2: Gradually, set the stove on low heat to let the peanut butter melt by itself.
  • Step 3: Keep stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of your pan. This allows even cooking. Ensure that the peanut butter turns liquid or the consistency you want.
  • Step 4: Sometimes, this extra step is needed. Whisk well to separate solids and the oily part.
  • Step 5: Unless you need it, you can move it to a container.

Tip: Avoid using high temperatures. Otherwise, instead of thinning out, your peanut butter will have a burnt texture. And this burnt peanut butter will come of no use.

Stove Softening Method

ii. Microwave Method

Every household, we believe, has microwaves that make this method suitable. Some savory dishes like spicy chicken and Satay use this melted peanut butter to taste better by tenfold.

However, it requires special tricks. To turn it into a liquid, you need to calculate the precise time. Let’s check the necessary steps needed for using the microwave method:

  • Step 1: Scoop the correct quantity of peanut butter inside the bowl, which is microwave-resistant. Place the bowl inside your microwave.
  • Step 2: At high temperatures, set your microwave for around 40 seconds.
  • Step 3: Take the bowl out using the kitchen gloves. Mix your peanut butter evenly for proper distribution. To provide proper consistency, repeat the steps depending on the quantity of peanut butter you intend to melt!

If your results do not feel satisfactory, continue to adjust the temperature once more. Each time you give it a try, 30-40 seconds is a decent time limit.

Microwave Method

iii. Whisk Method

If you are someone who wants to avoid the heat, the whisking method is a safe gateway for you. When it comes to what you need, strong arms are a plus point! Apart from that, you would require a medium-sized bowl and a whisk.

Now moving on to the steps:

  • Step 1: Take your desired quantity of peanut butter into a mixing bowl and whisk.
  • Step 2: Utilizing the full strength of your arm, whisk like it’s your only way to save the world from eternal doom.
  • Step 3: If you plan to make some dessert using the thin peanut butter, you will definitely require using other ingredients! You can, therefore, add the required amount of milk or water to dilute the peanut butter, making it very easy to whisk.
  • Step 4: Set your whisked thin peanut butter aside or repeat whisking using the other items you require.

For making cookies or decorating cookies, this is a convenient way to thin peanut butter. With some strong arms, this can be done in a jiffy!

Whisk Method

iv. Blending Method

Having trouble thinning the thick peanut butter? The blending method is a surefire method to work wonders and thin your peanut butter.

Grab a blender, a spatula, and milk or any wet ingredient to thin your peanut butter. Check the steps:

  • Step 1: Place your needed amount of peanut butter in a blender.
  • Step 2: With 2 tablespoons of water (if it goes with your recipe, you can use milk instead) for each tablespoon of peanut butter, dilute the peanut butter. If you like a thinner consistency, you keep adding water.
  • Step 3: At a low speed, blend for 30 seconds initially. Blend till you reach the homogenous solution so that it does not remain grainy. Speed up to liquefy the homogenous peanut butter.
  • Step 4: After adding the required other items, blend again. Take it out of the blender. Serve it fresh!

For the ones who are suckers for peanut butter, add it to your smoothies to get that absolutely even and fine texture. A blender just gives your peanut butter the best consistency.

Blending Method

v. Food Processor Method

Love to clean the mess after preparing a dish? Our last method is just for you then. Although this is the fastest step to handle and thin peanut butter, it has a downside– and that is cleaning.

Let’s see how to get that wonderful drizzle in a short span.

  • Step 1: Scoop the preferred amount of peanut butter for melting in a food processor.
  • Step 2: Fasten your speed for up to 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Step 3: Take out some peanut butter using your spatula and check whether it has been liquefied enough. Set it aside, or you can mix it into your dish.

Food Processor Method

Final Words

That’s a wrap for now. By now, you know how to thin peanut butter perfectly, right? Follow these 5 amazing methods and just take some and drizzle on your dish.

Try out all the steps if you can, and let us know which one worked the best for you!