K2 Coolers Comprehensive Guide 2022

If the K2 Cooler brand has piqued your interest, you need not look any further than this article. This is the definitive, most comprehensive guide you will ever read. We will thoroughly review the cooler market, presenting you with a no filler report on its current state. We will give you all the pros of investing in budget coolers – and how they may in fact, contrary to popular belief, improve your outdoors experiences.
We will give you the ins and outs of the K2 company, its story, its history and how it evolved to what it is today: A pioneer in the cooler industry, pushing industry boundaries left and right. We will give you a hint of the range of the many K2 cooler products available today and help you pinpoint what exactly it is you want for your specific, individual needs. Afterwards, we will present with our top picks, our very best, favorite K2 coolers.
We will then move forward by making a direct comparison between K2 Coolers and one of their biggest competitors, a brand they are often pitted against: The Yeti coolers. Finally, our article will end with a recap, a summary of all the reasons we have gleaned throughout this article, our in-depth research and peeking around in customers reviews of how getting a K2 cooler is your best bet, and a most valuable investment among all other cooler brands.

The State of the Cooler Market

Nowadays, where our Western society slowly creeps further away from nature and the outdoors there has been a large, unconscious surge of growing interest towards reconnecting with our roots. More and more people are opting for small escapes to the wilderness, trips to beautiful, natural scenery, essentially fitting small stretches of freedom, calm and serenity among their otherwise mundane and gray 9 to 5 lives.
Whenever there is a need in the market, somewhere there is a clever, quick witted businessman formulating a plan to cover it. In our particular case, that of the outdoors equipment, there have been a great number of such businessmen. It does not take a genius to see that there is abundance of such products. Despite their different pressure and selling points, they practically promise the same thing: To ameliorate your outdoors experience, one way or another.
In the cooler industry in particular, a sub branch of the outdoors equipment industry, one can find a substantial number of companies and brands that all promise their coolers will grant you the moon and stars themselves. How can a customer ever get to make an informed choice, when they have industry titans promising their items are the best thing since sliced bread? With every passing day, more and more people yield to the authority of such companies, and convinced by their excellent marketing campaigns and strategies, they spent their hard earned money on expensive coolers leaving the other, smaller, underdog companies without the attention they deserve.
Have you ever been one of these people? If yes, do not worry. We will show you the truth to a better way.

The Importance of Budget Items

Being frugal does not just mean saving your money – it also means spending your money wisely, in an efficient way. As unwise as buying the cheapest version of whatever it is you need – and taking the risk for future, further purchases when it breaks down – so is spending the big bucks for getting a well known brand. There is a fine line between wanting to avoid dirt poor quality and being sold on the authority of a recognizable company and their sprawling marketing schemes.
In essence, the are two main factors you need to consider when making a purchase: The product’s price and its quality. The importance and gravitas of each factor depends on the item’s nature – buying a new home, a car or a consumable product is quite the different story. So, what is the deal with coolers?
A cooler has a well defined goal: To keep your refreshments and food well protected from rot and spoilage, by adequately sealing them inside a chilly, refrigerated environment. It has the goal of allowing you to enjoy your trip destination worry and stress free, by making sure this part of your excursion is well handled and taken care of. They can either accomplish that or they can not. Moreover, their other important feature is their durability – whether they break apart after long use or they do not.
If you have reviewed the cooler industry, you will quickly verify that all companies base their campaigns on one or both of the aforementioned features: Insulation and durability. Each promises their product does it better than the next, but they all pretty much promise the same thing.
A second piece of information you can glean, is that the more recognizable a brand is, the higher its exposure to different customers, the more their cooler products end up costing. There is an evident correlation between their range of influence and the price tags they are willing to attach to their products.

How Can a Smaller Company Survive?

Whenever a new, smaller company enters the market ring, it is necessary to furiously, ferociously fight off their competition to get a slice of the pie. They are on a substantial disadvantage when it comes to their audience – their competitors have already an established brand, with a great number of loyal followers and customers. Thus, they need to create other – significant – advantages to earn and secure their own customer base.
The easiest way to do so is to manipulate the aforementioned vital factors in a customer’s purchase: The product’s cost as well as the product’s quality. Now, a company that does not hesitate to drop down the quality considerably is not going to survive long. Poor quality is a sure way to get your customer’s hating on you – and a few lawsuits on the process. These will snuff out the life of a business as fast as you would do a candle.
The alternative way, is for them to offer better prices and deals while maintaining the quality as is – or even going for an innovation of two of their own. The smart customer knows how to use these opportunities to their advantage. Essentially, you are pretty much getting the same quality only you get it cheaper. And perhaps you get a few extras as well. Moreover, you are going against the flow and avoid being one more of the same, sheepish customers who ALL have the same exact products.

Introducing K2 Coolers

So, after we have established the landscape, where do K2 Coolers fall in in our situation? The company was first founded in 2011, entering the marketplace in order to produce coolers suitable for all your outdoors needs: Whether you go fishing, hunting, camping or just plain hanging out with your friends outside, they wanted to make products that would be a must for you to have. Since the company’s first inception they have been completely focused on bringing you coolers that simultaneously combine excellent insulation systems with heavy duty durability, capable of withstanding a bear’s mauling. And since the company is located in South Louisiana, they have had ample opportunity to test drive their products extensively.
So far, K2 Coolers fall right into our initial predictions: A relatively new company entered the market, and they promise to give you all and more than the other, already established brands do: The chilliest coolest cooler embrace and a design that is fully capable of enduring everything nature can throw at it, all the stresses, wears and tears of a rugged, outdoors environment. As you can tell, they also did what we expected of them to do: Offer MUCH better prices. But first, let us take a peek at their goods.

K2 Cooler Products

First off, we can only admire the hard work they have put in their product development. As you can quickly verify, they have expanded well beyond just coolers: They have produced apparel, drink ware and a great number of accessory items among others, all slowly building up their brand and nurturing the loyalty of their growing customer base. But what of their coolers?
You will be AMAZED at both their variety AND prices. There are plenty of colors for you to choose from, as well as many different, eye pleasing designs for those of you who are interested to look your best even hanging out in the wild with your camper friends.
Most importantly, however, K2 coolers have a wide range in their size and holding capacity. Their biggest coolers cap out at a capacity of 120 quarts, or 86 cans – more beers and cokes than you will ever, hopefully, need in your trips. In other words, unless you are a full blown alcoholic or planning to go on a monthly lost in the mountains type of vacation, cut off from the rest of civilization, the K2 coolers have your back when it comes to their capacity.

The 4 Best K2 Coolers

After carefully going through the K2 Coolers’ product list, we came up with our four favorite products. We will give each a short yet informative review, in order for you to know where they stand and what you can expect by getting them. We tried our best to cover a wide range of different products, so that our list is varied and capable of covering a large spectrum of people.

K2 Water Jug – 5 Gallons

K2 Water Jug – 5 Gallons
If you are a fan of short distance trips and park picnics, if you regularly enjoy backyard barbecues, then this is an EXCELLENT alternative to the typical cooler. Sporting an excellent, thick polyurethane insulation this water jug will hold ice much better than your typical water jug – moreover, due to its stainless steel positive seal latches, the product’s gasketed lid there is no way any of the cold leaks out. This is a one piece item, roto molded polyethylene constructed, and it just screams of durability. The jug’s integrated handles will allow you to easily carry it around securely and stress free. Highly recommended for those interested in a budget, flexible cooling device.

K2 Coolers Summer 20

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler
This cooler is the smallest of the K2 Coolers Summit series – small enough to be lightweight, comfortable and easily portable yet big enough to do its job adequately. It has a capacity of 20 quarts – it is thus capable of holding roughly 14 cans. Due to its small size you and padded, cushioned shoulder strap, you should be able to carry it around on your shoulder easily. But do not let this guy’s size fool you: It is built for extreme toughness and durability, using top quality food grade and UV resistant materials. Using K2’s patented insulation system along with K2’s special gasket, it is fully capable of securing your refreshments inside arctic winter conditions, keeping all kinds of heat safely outside. Moreover, it also has a fully integrated hinge system that is specifically designed to keep your lid permanently attached. Finally, the small rubber feet it has on its bottom will make sure it stays exactly where you put it. As long as you are fine it’s capacity, this is an excellent cooler purchase

K2 Coolers Summit 50

K2 Coolers Summit 50
We are slowly transitioning to larger sizes. This size variant of the K2 Cooler Summit series is capable of holding up to 40 cans – it weights in at 26 pounds. In dimensions, it measures 29.25” X 17” X 16.4” – the bigger the cooler gets, naturally, the more it will fit larger plans. If you want to go on a trip with the family, this is a great choice for you. You will likely need to have a talk with your loved ones, however, as this piece comes in a great number of colors. Choosing will not be that easy, when all choices look great. The cooler of course has all the aforementioned K2 Coolers trademark features: The awesome insulation system that will hold ice for days – even in the middle of summer. The phenomenal durability, that will keep your cooler unharmed through the roughest of times. And then, finally, all the quality of life features: The steady rubber fit, the hinge system, the powerfully sealed lid latches, as well as an excellent drain plug for quick and easy drainage. 

K2 Coolers Summit 120

K2 Coolers Summit 120 Cooler
This is the King, or more accurately, the Emperor of coolers. This is not for amateurs just looking to go sightseeing at the nearest park. This is for die hard outdoors veterans looking to venture deep into the unknown. Can you imagine what it means for your cooler to have an 86 can capacity? You can keep rolling with this for days before you ran out of drinks. And while you are it, you will keep getting amazed by its ice retention capabilities. Each day, you will be wondering if it is going to be the last and each day the cooler will stand true. If you enjoy camping, if you have a large family, or if you are just that type of person who enjoys to hoard drinks in large quantities wherever you go, then we cannot recommend this cooler enough. Just make sure its sizes fits your preferences: It is 41,62 in length, 19,25 in width and 19,5 in height. 

K2 Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

Everything can sound and look great in a vacuum. We did our best to highlight all the strengths and features of the K2 Coolers products but how do they compare when pitted against their competition? For the purposes of this article, we are going to compare K2 to the notorious Yeti Coolers. As a side disclaimer, we have no beef with Yeti. We are doing this comparison because they ARE leaders in the industry. So, let’s see how the two brands compare:
Materials: Both brands have roto molded coolers, manufactured from strong and highly durable materials. Both will do well even when thrown against the toughest environment and the most adverse conditions. There is no clear winner here.
Design & Colors: Even though they appear similar enough in both structure and form, we have to reluctantly give Yeti a slight edge when it comes to sophistication. However, K2 trumps Yeti when it comes to colors. They have a bigger variety and it is much more likely you will find a cooler that is to your taste.
Built: You cannot really compare the two brands in weight, as both have a plethora of different available sizes. The two companies go toe to toe with each other, as there are Yeti coolers that weigh more than their counterparts, as well as the reverse. This will depend on the specific size you are interested in.
Ice Retention: We cannot really argue that Yeti coolers won’t do their ice retention duties adequately enough with a straight face. That being said, however, there have been many examples where K2 coolers lasted longer, up to a half day more, than their Yeti counterparts. Thus, we have to give K2 coolers the edge here, as slight as it might be. Still, you can expect both kinds of coolers to hold up your ice for at least six days.
Price: Here is where K2 Coolers mop the floor with Yeti’s face. So far, we have seen that both brands do their job admirably, and will not disappoint you in any way. We should thus expect that both would a relatively close enough price tag attached to their products? Well, not quite. It comes out the K2 Coolers are the clear winners in this category, as they are much, much more affordable than their respective Yeti counterparts.

Why Invest in a K2 Cooler

Because, as we have clearly shown you, despite being a smaller, newer company – or perhaps because they are a smaller and newer company – their coolers still manage to cover all you might expect of a cooler and then some. Because they constantly test their products in South Louisiana’s harsh real life conditions, in order to make sure these coolers will show zero errors or malfunction when put to use by you. Because even though they are the underdogs in a sprawling industry, they still work hard and do their best to deliver you coolers that will enrich your experience, and keep your beverages well iced for days – while still keeping VERY accessible prices.
Now, we want you to take the first letter from the words we made bold. B, E, T, S. At the end of the day, we believe you should invest in K2 Coolers, gentlemen and gentlewomen, because you can place your BETS that K2 Coolers are the best.


If our comprehensive guide on K2 Coolers piqued your interest, do not let this chance go to waste. Make sure you take the time to go through the company’s website, and skim through their various products. These go well beyond the typical cooler you will find in a standard commercial store, in both their features, variety as well as their very competitive listed prices. Alternatively, you can always take a look at their featured products through the world renowned Amazon online store – and maybe check one or two of the reviews left by previous customers while at it.