Kitchenaid Pro 500 vs 600 Review & Comparison

Kitchenaid is a popular name among home cooks & chefs for its excellent products. While in the mixing segment, the popularity of Kitchen aid is incomparable. Every novice cook’s first mixer has to be the KitchenAid pro 500. Like everything, technology advances, and there’s also an upgrade to past technologies. Pro 500 also got an upgrade to the new Pro 600.

If you clicked on this article, either you’re looking for a new mixer, or you’re deciding to upgrade your old one. It can be tough to set differences between kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600. Price-wise, the Pro 500 is worth every penny; however, if you’re a chef or need a large quantity of mixing, then the Pro 600 should do a better job. We’ve done an in-depth analysis to find a champion below to end the dilemma between Kitchenaid pro 500 vs pro 600.

Kitchenaid Pro 500 vs 600

Kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600

Kitchenaid pro 500 and 600 both do remarkable jobs in blending, but some differences make each mix unique. For instance, Kitchenaid pro 500 is a professional product, and it comes with expert observation. The pro 500 pro one has no imperfection when you’ll hold it on your arm’s length, but pro 600 turns your mixer into a chef’s culinary place.

We have to admit the kitchenaid pro 500 parts are not innovative, and there are multiple dupes out there, but it is fully functional, unlike dupes that do not go for a long time. The Kitchenaid pro 600 comes with a striking stainless steel blow that has a very comfortable handle. It also claims it can go up to thirteen dozen doughs for cookies. There always be individual advantages between kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600.

Both of these mixers have impressive electricity handling capability that goes beyond its promise. Kitchenaid pro 500 can go more than 80% capacity and save you a good amount of energy while providing the best mix. While the pro 600 is an upgrade to the previous one, it boosts while mixing. It rotates in a manner that it can touch up to sixty-seven points.

1. Kitchenaid pro 500


  • A fixed bowl for any bulk mixing in the shortest time
  • There’s a drive transmitted 325-watt motor for the mixer that reduces energy expenditure.
  • Variety of control options to ten, starting from quick whip to lastly slow stir
  • Minimizes any splatter softly
  • The five-quart mixing bowl comes with a handle, not to mention the mixing bowl is from stainless steel.
  • There are nine cups of bowl capacity to this mixer.
  • As it is all metal, it can flat beat, whip, and dough hook simultaneously. Includes Flat beater, dough hook, wire whip, and pouring shield
  • There’s a one-year warranty on this product.


  • There’s a high probability that the mixer can screech in case of heavy usage.
  • The core beater doesn’t reach the high edges or the sides of the bowl.

2. Kitchenaid pro 600


  • It provides more space, and the giant bowl gives bigger room to get materials in large quantities.
  • A mixer is an excellent option for making any bread
  • It has a potent motor that supports its durability in a long way
  • As it is highly versatile, you can make your kitchen into a eat finder or grain mill whenever you want
  • You’ll get more than ten kitchen attachments
  • Unlike other blenders, it is strong and doesn’t beak
  • The mixer comes with twenty-one different color options


  • There’s no overload protection.
  • You can’t put the mixer into a dishwasher.

Kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600 (Quick Comparison Chart)

Kitchenaid pro 500 Kitchenaid pro 600
Motor 325 watts 575-watt
Functions A dough hook, wire whip, and flat beater Sturdy beater, dough hook, Larger paddle wire whip, pouring shield, whisker
Capacity 9-cup 13 cup
Mixing bowl size 5-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl 6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl
Color No color option 21 color options
Easy to use Yes Yes
Quantity Great for home cooks and mini restaurants Great for home cooks, big & small restaurants, chefs.

Kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600: The Breakdown


Now it’s time to have a direct battle between kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600 and break down their features side by side.


Kitchenaid pro 600 is undoubtedly more expensive than pro 500 because of the advanced features that pro 600 provide. Usually, the pro 500 has a less powerful motor, while the 600 has a reasonably strong one. There’s no sensor on the pro 500 one, but there’s one pro 600, so it is pricey. But if you need a moderate mixing job, then the pro 500 does a fine blending work. But for culinary experts and chefs, the pro 600 is better, as it offers more sustainable features than the previous edition. The price consideration depends on what you need.


The most significant distinction you’re planning to see within the kitchenaid Proficient 600 compared to the Master 500 is the bowl-lift plan. Rather than tilting the blender head back and forward, you essentially stack the bowl onto two arms that raise and lower with a lever on the Proficient. This makes it simpler to include fixings to your bowl and permit for a more effective motor. You can use it as you want. It can contain any potato or pizza dough that you’re willing to mix for a short time.

The kitchenaid Professional 500 Arrangement 10-Speed 5-Quart Stand Blender is precisely what you wish to test with unique formulas and forms. It is a broad piece of hardware with a tall execution 325 watts engine that conveys such control, which can withstand the expanded weight and blend the heaviest. Still, it combines. The 5-quart blending bowl has incredible capacity and is roomy. Still, it handles expansive bunches of damp or dry fixings.


In case if you check out a kitchenaid 600 review, you’ll see it makes a difference by capturing your cooking identity with over 18 colors of blenders. There’s a 6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl fit into it. We’ve been utilizing our white kitchenaid Professional blender – it’s a classic and stands out, just like the way you cook. You can cherish it when your kitchen tools reflect your cooking fashion. You’ll be able to get a fun and carefree Water Sky blender, if you’re the sort to heat ideally, brightened cupcakes or a more refined and unpretentious blender for those making authentic Italian egg pasta from scratch.

Anything you adore to cook, there’s a culminating color of kitchenaid blender to reflect who you’re within the kitchen. On the front of the blender, underneath the silver logo cap, is the connection center. This can be my favorite highlight of the kitchenaid pro 600 blender; the connection center permits you to utilize the powerful engine to control a slew of connections that interface into it. From pasta rollers and cutters to vegetable spirals, everything can be connected to your blender to form a simple multitasking machine.

If you need to do a few blending, to begin with, make beyond any doubt the speed control is set to off, and the unit is unplugged. The 500 one has a solid nine capacity and has an option of auto on and off. It also comes with a reliable flat beater for your convenience.  Fit the bowl bolsters over the finding pins on the machine. At that point, press down on the back of the bowl to snap it into put. Following, join the whip, snare, or blender by locking it into the blender shaft. You’ll at that point raise the bowl utilizing the lever, plug within the blender, and select the speed you need.


Both the mixers provide excellent mixing in the shortest amount of time. If you’ve ever attempted to do this by hand, you know how much of a workout it is. Kitchenaid 600 did a culminate work whipping any mixes into the stiff-peaks meringue with its ten different levels of the compound. The kitchenaid pro 600 created a stretchy batter ball and consolidated all of the fixings more than the Pro 500 one.


If you check any kitchenaid pro 500 review, you’ll see that it comes with a 5-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl, where the kitchenaid pro 600 parts come along with a 6-quart stainless-steel mixing bowl. You’ll get 21 color varieties for the pro 600, but the pro 500 comes only in red color. As the pro 500 has a 325-watt motor, it takes time to mix. In comparison, the pro 600 has a potent engine that is a 575-watt motor.

There are more than twelve attachment options with the pro 600, while the pro 500 doesn’t have this many attachments. But without having so many accessories, the pro 500 does excellent work mixing. Also, 600 catches sixty-seven points of rotation in mixing pro, making the most proper rotation ever seen. Both these mixers are fantastic, but the pro 600 is undoubtedly better for chefs, but price-wise pro 500 offers excellent features.

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Kitchenaid pro 500 and the pro 600 both are fantastic products that do their job right. Moreover, both are long-time investments. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, then go for the pro 500. Also, if you’re confused between kitchenaid epicurean vs professional, we’ll recommend you to go for the professional series. While the pro 500 is an excellent option for bulk mixing in the shortest time pro 600 wins the race.

Adding to the fact that both have sixty-seven rotation points, the pro 600 reaches the edges better with its strong motor. We would recommend pro 600 to the chefs and for heavy mixing jobs. In the end, between kitchenaid pro 500 vs 600, both of the mixers win with their distinguished advantages.