Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House Review

The debate about whether or not cats are better off indoors or outdoors has been a hot topic in recent years, especially for pet owners. It can be hard to determine whether or not felines are happier inside the house or roaming around the yard, and the world is certainly fraught with dangers.
Whatever the situation may be, you no doubt want your furry feline friend to be safe, especially if they resist coming inside since they were a former stray or grew up as a barn cat. After all, even though the indoors is safer, some felines just do not adjust well and feel more comfortable in the open air.

Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House

This is where the Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House comes in. This 2-story home is probably better than many humans’, including features like:

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Waterproof Eaves
  • Balconies
  • An Escape Door
  • An Easy to Clean Interior

How many of our homes honestly have balconies and excellent construction? Or, if we want to be really critical, waterproofing and an easy way to escape in case of emergency?
The Lovupet is a great way to keep felines safe and happy whether they are indoors and out, and also offers some extra privacy and vantage points to spy on their prey and minions. It’s a great option for the average pet owner who worries about their animals and wants them to be secure no matter what the situation may be.

What We Like

The Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House is a perfect example of what an outdoor (or indoor) animal house should be. All of the key features mentioned before are the absolute pros of this unit, ensuring cats remain safe from predators, have a roof over their heads, and can stay comfortable in their own little den. A few pros you might like are:

  • The Construction
  • The Waterproofing
  • The Interior

This product is made from 100% fir wood to stop the delaminating common with particleboard. It is treated to resist environmental factors and also doesn’t molder in the rain. This wood won’t splinter and injure cats, and also comes in either red or gray for some extra individualization.
The waterproofing is essential to keep felines dry, especially in stormy areas. The entire roof, as well as the eaves and balconies, have been waterproofed to prevent leaks and the growth of unhealthy mold and mildews. Cats can even sit on the balconies in the rain and be comfortable and secure.
Finally, the interior can be cleaned easily. This is essential for any responsible pet owner who will want to make sure their felines aren’t living in their own filth.
Lovupet Weatherproof Cat Home
All the cleaning takes is a damp cloth, some soap or disinfectant, and a little scrubbing. Dirt and grime comes away with ease and the interior can be left to dry out in the sun. To accomplish this cleaning, the roof can be removed to make way for the hands and arms. The second floor can also be taken out for easier access to the first floor.
The removal of the roof is also a great way to let cats have the perfect sunbathing spot while still being in their home, since they have the first floor as well to sleep.
Finally, the emergency escape door is a necessity. Should something happen to the Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House, there are multiple exits that are easy to access and will not impede the cat’s movement in any way.

What We Don’t Like

The Lovupet is popular among people who care for strays, ferals, and barn cats, so it was actually difficult to identify any specific flaws with the house. The construction is sturdy and cats seem to love the design and interior, but one feature stood out:

  • Access to the Second Floor

There is no interior ramp inside of the house to allow cats to move in between floors, so frisky felines need to jump up to the second floor if they want to go in.
This didn’t seem like a problem at first, but the balcony, with its eave, creates an issue. Cats can accidentally miss and bounce off of it, and weaker or older animals will struggle to get to their favorite spot over time.
If you have a cat who might struggle, it would be a good idea to include some rudimentary ramp to help them climb up and enjoy the benefits of the balcony. We’re sure they would appreciate it.

Buying Advice

The Lovupet Weatherproof Cat House is a solid investment, costing around $110 but lasting for many years when maintained. It is therefore ideal for homes that take care of outdoor cats frequently or have constant fixtures in their lives like barn cats.
When ordering this house, it’s best to use a service like Amazon, which tends to have the most reliable pricing and shipping.
Once you do receive this cat house, consider setting some money aside to stock it with feline necessities, including blankets for comfort.
As a side note, assembly is not required and the house should arrive ready for use. Always remember to check the interior before letting cats use it just so you can makes sure there are no screws or splinters left behind.


Wherever you stand on the indoor vs. outdoor debate, you no doubt want to ensure as many cats as possible receive comfortable, warm, and safe homes.
If you know cats roam in your area, or if you have a barn or outdoor cat, then this will be the home for you. It is sturdy and reliable, and will last for many, many years. Felines will remain safe and warm, and don’t have to fear the rain and other environmental unpleasantness.
You want to live in the best home possible, so why not give your furry friend the same treatment?