7 Best Modern Restaurant Chairs in 2022 (Reviewed) – Consumer Reports

When it comes to decorating, people always go for unique and latest designs. It goes for every furniture, such as restaurant chairs. If you’re looking for modern restaurant chairs for a restaurant or the dining area, these chairs suite any place and stand out.

Today, modern chairs balance the design and comfort together. So, how to decide which one is the best? We have researched and found top 7 best modern restaurant chairs available in the market. Each has its special feature. Read this article to find out more!

Top 7 Best Modern Restaurant Chairs in 2022

Poly and Bark Modern Mid-Century Dining Chair

One thing is for sure about this modern restaurant chair- it’s a treat for the eyes. It’s more than just a chair to sit on, this chair will enhance the beauty of your restaurant. The style is still very much unconventional. The cut-out tree design really stands out. But, there’s no problem of being bold in home fashion. This chair is made from molded plastic.

So, you don’t have to worry about the durability or whether it will get corroded. Moisture has no effect on this chair. This one comes in various colors too. The chairs are of moderate size with a height and width of 21.5 inches. The legs of this chair made of chrome steel. You need minimum assembling effort for this chair.

You can use it as an office chair too if you want. It fits perfectly with outdoor dining areas. This one should be the go-to option for the nature lovers. This modern restaurant chair is playful and very artistic.


  • Versatile use as accent chair or office chair
  • Stackable
  • Great for small home
  • Eye-catching design
  • Resilient


  • Width is on the shorter side
  • May need some help with the assembly

Homy Casa Eiffel DSW Style Mid Century Side Dining Chairs

As the name suggests, these are Eiffel chairs. The design of this chair does resemble the French Heritage. This is a very modern dining chair you must keep in your collection. It feels like something out of a retro Hollywood movie. The elevated sides of this chair serve like armrests.

Yet, you won’t feel a bit restricted about your movement. The seating part of the chair is made of plastic, so it’s super easy to clean up. Plastic chairs also last for a long time.

The legs of this chair are made from natural wood. They come in as a set of 6 chairs. The height of this chair is 16.5 inches and the seat length is 15.7 inches. So, the chair is at the smaller side. It’s very easy to assemble.


  • Easy to clean
  • Outfitted with rubber rings
  • Made from plastic
  • Sturdy wooden legs


  • Difficult to move it around

Coavas Dining Chairs Kitchen Chairs Set

You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for design-at least that’s what this Coavas Dining chairs prove. These chairs have feature fabric cushions. These cushions are designed to cradle someone.

If you want to enjoy a long meal sitting on a comfortable chair, this one is a great choice for you. The ergonomic design catches the eyes. You can literally spend a whole days sitting at this chair, it’s so comfy.

Rubber rings are used in these chairs to make sure the floors don’t get scuffed. The padding of the chair is very breathable.

The bottom legs are equipped with anti-scratches and anti-noise rubber pad, so don’t worry about it being too delicate to handle. They come in a set of 4 chairs. There are four metal tubes with the wooden transfer legs. These give the chairs a weight capacity of maximum 250 lbs.!

Oh, and they are very easy to assemble as well. It should take you only 4-5 minutes to assemble them. They come with instruction manuals, so no fear of screwing it up.


  • Very comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Cannot support much weight
  • A bit delicate

Modway Lippa Mid-Century Dining Chair

Everything about this beautiful chair screams one thing- modernism. If you like having bold furniture, slightly unconventional choices, this one can be a great option. This one looks ultramodern and yet a very minimalistic design.

One this is sure, this chair is not for everyone and not the average choice of people. Yet, we wanted it in the list because home décor fashion is all about your choice.

The chair has mainly three components- the comfy cushioning, elegant plastic frame, the aluminum base. The base definitely catches the eyes on the first look. The chair only weighs 19 lbs.

The sleek pedestal base design is not the only notable feature of this chair. The sturdy aluminum base allows for 360-degree swivel. You can use it with the office desk or as an accent chair too.


  • Organic shaped chair
  • Versatile
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Eye-catching base design


  • May not be suitable choice for many
  • Cushions might get dirty easily

Modway Aegis Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Dining Chair

Another Modway chair in this list. This goes to show that Modway is exceptionally good at making modern restaurant chairs. This one is pretty different in style when compare with the Lippa style chair.

It would look great as a restaurant chair. The textured twill fabric of the chair is so soft and comfy that you’d just want to snuggle up to it.

There is an additional padded foam in the chair, which ensures that people can sit comfortably. The tapered legs are made from natural wood. This chair can sustain up to 310 lbs. weight.

Notice how it’s called ‘Aegis’? Aegis simply means organic dining or living room accent chair. It boosts the look with its classic modern century outlook. The chair has a boho chic look that makes it perfect for any room, not just for restaurants.


  • Comfortable upholstery
  • Amazing design
  • Has a retro chic look
  • Sturdy finishing


  • Armrests take up much space
  • Cleaning twill fabric is difficult

Armen Living Summer Chair

Want to be a bit daring? This Armen Living Summer Chairs are then your thing. It’s as modern as one can get. Let’s first start with the cradle of the chair.

You can sit on it very comfortably, as there are two cushions for added comfort. The upholstered fabric is very comfortable to the touch. The wooden finishing of the chair added elegance to the design.

It’s truly very unique and perfect for modern restaurants.


  • Unique design
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Comes in many colors
  • Great fit for any room


  • Cannot support much weight
  • Lower back is not comfortable for many

UrbanMod Modern Dining Chairs

This one looks a lot like the Poly and Bark chairs. Just like the latter one, the design is inspired from the nature. This adds a distinctive aesthetic feature in the chair. You can definitely add a punch to the whole décor with this chair.

The cradle is made from high quality plastic; hence it has a longer lasting period. The legs are made from stainless steel. The whole outlook seems really amazing. This chair saves up space as they can be stacked on top of another. You can even turn these as a Christmas tree décor.


  • Elegant design
  • Goes with any room
  • Comfy
  • Nature-inspired


  • Requires assembly time

Final Words

These were our top 7 modern restaurant chairs. Even though all of them are unique to their style, we have a favorite anyway.

Our pick among the 7 modern chairs is the Coavas Dining Chair. It’s simple and beautiful, with a promised long lasting time and comfort. 

Other chairs in the list are similarly good, it solely depends on your own choice.