ORCA 40 QT Cooler Review 2022

Get the barbecue grill ready, with the ORCA 40 qt cooler you will be ready to throw parties after parties without running out of cold drinks. Everyone knows that a party isn’t over until the drinks finish and the ORCA 40 qt allows you to store a whole lot of cans and ice and keeps it cool for days. We had the chance to test out the cooler and boy were we pleasantly surprised.


ORCA 40 QT Cooler
The design of the ORCA will have you excited, well sort of. It has a very trunk type feel to it but compared to other coolers it is slightly longer in height, at 19 inches, for it’s size. Which means more storage room. To make sure the outer surface is nice and smooth the cooler is roto-molded, which ensures there is no seam in the cooler. ORCA offers the cooler in 7 different colors including pink, red-yellow combination, and navy-orange combination. So it will certainly make you stand out.
For portability, ORCA has provided handles on the side which are very comfortable. They use a nylon webbing with handles that are semi-rubber. So when you lift the cooler, the handles allow you to distribute the weight in the cooler so it is even and ensures that there is no pressure point on your hands.
To ease the process of draining the cooler, there is a drain on the side. It functions well but has minor flaws. Since it uses a plug that is screwed as soon as you start to unscrew it water starts to trickle out. This can catch you off-guard if you don’t pay attention while unscrewing it which may result in you getting your clothes wet.
There is one complaint we had with the design, the lid automatically shuts and locks if it is left unattended. Yes, we don’t want to keep the cooler lid open at all times but it can get a bit annoying when you want to leave the lid ajar, you don’t have that option. You either have to hold it open or just let it shut on its own.


When it comes to coolers, insulation is probably one of the most important aspect. We tested the ORCA 48 Quart to see how well the insulation was. It can maintain a temperature below 40˚F for 6-7 days. We kept it out for about a week with the surrounding temperature average of 65˚ and there was still ice in the cooler. The company claims you can easily stow away drinks or snacks with ice in it for 10 days. So you can easily take it on longer trips and expect your drinks to stay cold and the ice to remain in the cooler.
Many attribute its exceptional performance when it comes to insulation to the shape of the cooler. It is taller than your normal cooler which decreases the surface area to volume. This means that heat has fewer surfaces to radiate through into the cooler.


ORCA is known to construct high-end products in both quality and durability. The procedures during the process of constructing of the cooler ensures that it is built for extreme use just so it is durable.
To test the durability we stocked the cooler with ice and drinks and tossed it around. We dropped it from about 2 feet off the ground and kicked it around. There was no leakage of ice and the cooler stayed solid shut. That is mainly due to how robust the lid and pin-style hinges are. You can probably drop it from 10-15 feet without it opening or breaking, we however did not feel the need to prove that.
The ORCA 48 qt is a top of the line cooler which has performed well across the charts. It has given quite a tough competition to Yeti and its Tundra lineup. The insulation and build of the cooler leaves us speechless. The design isn’t going to have you jumping out of your seat but come on it’s a cooler. As long as it keeps drinks cold while you party or go out on a trip, what more could you ask for. ORCA 48 qt does just that.



  • Durable, sturdy body
  • Exceptional insulation
  • 7 color options



  • Lid does not stay ajar on its own, automatically shuts