The Best Pie Iron of 2022 – Unbiased Reviews

Are you looking for an exciting way to spice up your campfire cooking routine? The Pie Iron may be one of the most underrated cooking tools out there. This pan on a stick can churn out some pretty mean pudgy pies, hobo pies, and other mouthwatering treats. Trust us when we say you can also go as high-brow as you want when it comes to your ingredient picks. Now that we have you drooling, you need to check out our top 10 pie iron picks of 2022.

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Rome Industries Double Pie Iron – Best Overall

Topping off our list is Rome’s Double Pie Iron. It is the company’s self-proposed “big daddy” of pie irons. The 8 ½-by-4 1/4-inch cooking heads on this device offer room for two standard-sized sandwiches. With a handle that extends 28 inches from the top of the pie iron, you can feel confident sharing this silly device with even the littlest within your camping crew. Feel free to step outside the box. Try your hand at pie iron calzones, fish dishes, and pastries.

The iron weighs in at just around 4 pounds, not including food. Fortunately, you can lay this cooker right over hot coals without risking any damages. You can trust that your pudgy pies will be piping hot in the center and crispy on the outside. The solid wood handles prevent the heat from spreading to your fingers. Our only other qualm is that the hinge pins sometimes come loose. Many customers said they were able to remedy this problem by replacing the faulty hardware with more supportive alternatives.


  • 8 1/2-inch x 4 1/4-inch cooking head
  • 28 inches long from end to end (including handle)
  • Double-sized capacity means you can fit more starch and more filling
  • Try adding two sandwiches at a time
  • Great for wood-fired calzone, fish, and pastries
  • Made from cast iron, steel, and wood

  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • Some customers complained that their irons fell off the end of the handle because the pins holding it in place were not sufficient in size

Coghlan's Cast Iron Cooker – Best Cast Iron Pie Iron

Coghlan’s Cast Iron Double-Cooker is yet another high-capacity pie iron. This company has been churning out beloved camping accessories for over 60 years. This pre-seasoned campfire cooking tool has a durable wooden handle, a lengthy steel rod, and a double-wide cooking compartment. Most users agree that this cooker is super easy to take apart and clean. The two-part hinge breaks apart, and the handles twist off.

A locking S-clip keeps food in place as it melts and toasts to perfection. At just around 2 pounds, this cast iron pie iron is a bit too clunky for hiking. However, we highly recommend that you bring one along on your next drive-in camping adventure.

The pre-seasoned walls perform just as well as most non-stick cooking surfaces. The cast iron cooking plates are rugged enough to be placed directly over hot coals. We would be just as confident using this on an indoor range as we are on a rugged campfire. We are sure that this little device will elevate your outdoor cooking.


  • Can hold two full-sized sandwiches
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron acts like a non-stick pan
  • Heat-resistant wood handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Wooden handles can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Great for both savory and sweet treats

  • The outside will char before the interior ingredients cook.
  • Heavy for kids

Toas-Tite Sandwich Grill - Best for Stovetop

There is a lot to love about this little handheld sandwich grill. Let’s start with the fact that this pie iron comes in adorable vintage packaging. The Toas-Tite’s mustard, brown packaging looks like something out of a vintage Sears catalog. That’s because this pocket sandwich maker has barely changed since its original release in 1949!

Use the Toas-Tite to make pocket-sized sandwiches, snacks, and desserts. This U.S.-made product is made according to the strictest manufacturing standards. It even comes with a replica of the original instructions. Sealed edges ensure that all those mouthwatering ingredients stay put until you are ready to devour them. Just fill, cook, flip, cook, and serve!


  • Replica of a 1949 pie iron
  • Vintage packaging and instructions
  • Fun for indoors and outdoors
  • No dish is off-limits
  • Sealed edges keep your precious ingredients from pouring out
  • Create tightly crimped hand pies, calzones, and paninis

  • Doesn’t work well over an electric range
  • Uneven heat distribution

Rome Square Iron – Best When Flying Solo

Rome’s Square Pie Iron is perfect for personalized campfire treats. It’s worth noting that Rome is the original manufacturer of the Pie Iron. The company has been making campfire cooking staples since 1964. This solo cast iron skillet does require seasoning. Once you oil it up, it should perform just as well as your best non-stick skillet. The square cooking head is just the right size for sandwiches and hobo pies. However, you can safely pile in any ingredient you have on hand.

The cooker’s support rods are 28 inches in length. It’s capped off with heat-resistant wooden handles. The device conducts heat evenly. Bread and other starchy foods tend to develop an even browning. We love this pick for everything from staycations to camping adventures. Be sure to stock up. You’ll want one of these for every member of your gathering.


  • A durable stainless steel handle that’s 28 inches long
  • Heat-resistant wooden handle
  • Cast iron cooking surface
  • Perfect for individualized sandwiches
  • The original Pie Iron manufacturer

  • Challenging to clean
  • Requires seasoning

Rome Industries Round Pie Iron – Best Round Pie Iron

This little device makes the pudgiest pudgy pies ever! Rome’s Round Pie Iron is certainly the preferred campfire cooker when it comes to dessert. Of course, that circular cooking head is also just the right shape for English muffins, pancakes, bagels, and eggs.

The cast iron cooking surface is virtually non-stick after a quick seasoning. It’s also pretty easy to clean. The rounded edges do a great job of sealing the edges of pies. You’re not going to lose any of your ingredients during the cooking process. The dual wooden handles prevent heat-related injuries. At 28 inches, the pie iron’s stainless steel rods are just the right length for safety. It doesn’t matter what cooking surface you’re using. Rome’s Pie Irons produce mouthwatering treats regardless!


  • Light enough for a kid to lift
  • Dual wooden handles prevent the spread of heat
  • Durable steel handles
  • Cast iron cooking heads
  • Made by the original Pie Iron manufacturer
  • Old-school campfire cookery

  • Challenging to clean

Uno Casa Cast Iron Pie Iron – Best for Toasted Toasties

As far as we are concerned, the Uno Casa is the ultimate pie iron for sandwiches. First off, the double-wide cooking head boasts enough room for two standard-sized sandwiches. You should have no trouble squeezing in larger carbs, such as wide artisan sourdough slices and large pieces of pizza dough. The pie iron even has grill lines on the inside. Your campfire sandwiches are sure to come off the coals with a panini-like finish. Since this Pie Iron comes pre-seasoned, you don’t have to trouble yourself with any premature maintenance.

The Uno Casa also comes with two different length handle inserts. The smaller one is ideal for small fires and indoor cooking ranges. The longer handle is ideal for roaring fire pits and barbecues. You also score a pie iron recipe book with your purchase. The recipes include everything from meat entrees to quick breakfasts.


  • Pre-seasoned cooking heads
  • Can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to dismantle for travel and storage
  • Available with two different handle inserts (13.8 inches and 21.7 inches)
  • Comes with an eclectic recipe book
  • Grill grid liner
  • Rust-resistant

  • Some maintenance required

Rome Industries Cast Iron 'Love Pie' Pie Irons – Best for Couples

As the original pie iron manufacturer, Rome Industries has earned its continued placement in our roundup. Their “Love Pie” Pie Irons are the perfect way for lovers to show their affection. These adorable cookers deliver Instagram-worthy heart-shaped sandwiches and savory pies. Like their predecessors, these pie irons are perfectly suitable for use over campfires, fire pits, indoor ranges, and grills.

The “Love Pie” Pie Irons boasts cast iron cooking heads, stainless steel rods, and turned wood handles. They are backed by a generous 10-year warranty. Share your love of hand pies with the newly engaged and married couples in your life. This particular package comes with two pie irons. However, the “Love Pie” irons are also sold individually.


  • Made from durable cast iron
  • Long stainless steel rod
  • Turned wood handles
  • This set is perfect for couples
  • A romantic way to eat over the fire
  • Ideal for honeymoon, anniversary, wedding, and engagement gifts
  • Makes heart-shaped pies and savory treats

  • Pricey

Palmer Hobo Pie Iron – Best Budget Pick

If you’re looking to purchase pie irons for the whole family, be sure to check out Palmer’s affordable Hobo Pie Irons. While the cooking heads may not be made of cast iron, the aluminum surfaces are perfectly suitable for use over flaming hot fires. The 18-inch handles and wooden handles increase the safety of these pie irons. You can produce some pretty delicious mini pizzas, pies, and sandwiches with little more than this cooking device and some choice ingredients. Just be coat the inside walls in some sort of fat, as hot foods tend to stick to the metal.


  • Made from aluminum
  • 18-inch handle for a total length of 26 inches
  • Wooden handles prevent heat-related injuries
  • Fits standard bread slices perfectly
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Affordably priced

  • Stains easily
  • Difficult to clean

Rome Products Round Stainless Steel & Enameled Pie Iron – Best Upgrade Option

Only the truest pudgy pie enthusiasts will appreciate the craftmanship on this Rome Industries pie iron. The device boasts a ceramic cooking head with a bright red enamel finish. We love that the cooking heads imprints a flame emblem onto each pudgy pie.

Feel free to use this pie iron right over an open fire. You can use it to cook all sorts of treats, including both sweet and savory varieties. It is backed by a 10-year warranty. Rome has a phenomenal reputation for customer service.


  • Beautiful enough for gifting
  • Lovely red baked enamel finish
  • Ceramic cooking surface distributes heat evenly
  • Super lightweight and easy to hold
  • Makes expertly sealed pies
  • Flame image imprints into the bread once it has been toasted
  • Can be used right over the campfire
  • 25 inches long

  • An investment

Rome's Panini Press – Best for Paninis

While not technically a pie iron, Rome’s campfire panini press is capable of the same feats. It just happens to have two cooking heads that create a seamless vice around artisan bread slices. The 8-by-4-inch cooking surface will help you produce bigger, cheesier, meatier sandwiches. You can still expect a high-quality cast iron cooking surface, durable stainless steel support rods, and a set of charming turned wood handles. The panini press clamps together nicely. While you can’t achieve perfectly sealed edges, you can come pretty close.


  • Grill lines on cooking surfaces leave expert char marks on toasted breads
  • 8-by-4-inch cooking surface
  • Cast iron cooking heads release food with ease
  • Can be placed on a fire, BBQ grill, or stovetop burner
  • Makes expert Italian-style sandwiches

  • Does not produce sealed edges

Camp Chef Dual Rectangle Cooking Iron – Most Versatile Pie Iron

Rounding off our list is the Camp Chef Dual Rectangle Cooking Iron. This versatile campfire cooker boasts a durable cast iron construction. This little cooker is seasoned and ready to go right out of the box. It even comes with a set of fun recipes. We love that this particular pie iron can be used as a press or two individual cooking surfaces. You can fry an egg on one side and bacon on the other. Then, you can connect the sides, add your ingredients to two slices of bread, and complete the cooking process.

Customers agree that this cooking device is easy to clean. We only wish that the rods were a bit more rigid.


  • Durable, pre-seasoned cast iron cooking surfaces
  • Enough room for two standard sandwiches
  • The sides come apart to create two individual cast iron cooking surfaces
  • Durable wooden handles
  • Length support rods

  • The rods are sort of flimsy

How to Select the Best Pie Iron

Are you still wondering what to look for when selecting your pie irons? We’ve got you covered!

Most cast irons are made from cast iron or aluminum. Cast iron is a popular choice as it is virtually indestructible. These cookers tend to be quite heavy. However, they’re strong enough to be placed directly over hot coals. Keep in mind that cast iron cookers need to be seasoned. Opt for a pre-seasoned option or prepare to do some initial maintenance.

Aluminum pie irons are a popular alternative. While these cookers are hardly as durable as the cast iron alternatives, they do pose a weight advantage. If you’re looking to hoover your cooker over an open flame, the aluminum irons are going to be far more tolerable.

Pie irons come with varying capacities. Traditional pans are designed to hold a standard-sized square sandwich. However, many manufacturers have produced cookers that can cook two separate sandwiches. We’ve also seen circular and heart-shaped presses. Shape and size are usually a matter of personal preference.

The pie iron cooking heads are attached to long metal rods. These need to be sturdy enough to support the heavy cooking heads and all of your ingredients. The support rod ends must be mounted securely to the base of the cooking heads. There may even be a small S-hook attached to the bottom of the rods. It can be clamped over the alternative rod to tighten the tension between the cooking heads.

Most pie iron rods also boast wooden handles. Wooden handles protect people’s hands from the heat of the metal. Plus, wood enriches the aesthetic of most pie irons. However, any heat-resistant handles will do.

Heat Source
Are you looking for a pie iron that is rugged enough for campfires? Or, are you looking for a fun way to prep sandwiches on top of your gas range? Make sure that your pie iron is equipped to handle the pressures of your preferred cooking surface. For example, the gravely exterior of the cast iron cooker is likely to scratch the surface of a glass-topped range. At the same time, a pie iron with thin aluminum cooking heads isn’t going to fare well over open flames.

What Can You Make in a Pie Iron?

Most people use their pie irons to make pressed sandwiches, but there’s no limit to what ingredients you can toss in these fire-ready cookers. Most recipes call for some kind of starchy crust, such as bread, pizza dough, tortillas, cookie dough, or batter. Cheese, meats, preserved fruits, jellies, and chocolate are just a few popular fillers options. Very few ingredients are off-limits!

Wrapping Up

We certainly hope that you enjoyed our rundown of the top pie irons! These Midwestern campfire cookers are incredibly trendy right now. While it’s never easy choosing a winner, Rome’s Double Cast Iron Pie Iron is has earned its place as our uncontested winner. That’s because both pudgy pies and campfires are always better with friends. Do you have a favorite pie iron recipe? If so, share your culinary expertise in the comment section below.