The Best Rice Cooker for Sushi Rice – The Best Way to Make Sushi Rice

If you love sushi, you know you need to have good rice. After all, sushi is named for the seasoned rice. While it’s easy to make rice on the stove, if you find yourself making sushi often you may want to invest in a rice cooker. Then you can just turn on the cooker and worry about the rest of your meal while the cooker makes a perfect batch of rice. If you’ve never owned a rice cooker, you may wonder what separates a decent cooker from a great one. This guide will help you pick out the best rice cooker for sushi rice.

What Should I Look For?

When you’re buying the most fitting rice cooker for your needs, there are some things you should keep in mind. The first factor is the capacity of your rice cooker. If you only make enough for a few people, you can get away with a smaller cooker. However, if you ever have company or if you have a big family you will want a larger rice cooker. You’ll want about half a cup for each roll of sushi. However, you should make more than you think you need given that rice takes a decent amount of time to cook. You can always use the leftovers for fried rice later on.

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The features are another thing to consider. Many rice cookers come with bells and whistles that might be useful for you, or they might not. Those features tend to add to the price, so consider that when looking at your options. Many rice cookers say they can cook other foods as well.

How to Make Sushi

Sushi is a very simple dish in execution. The hardest part is seasoning the rice well and making a tight roll without crushing your ingredients. Many online recipes exist to make the perfect rice. You need a light vinegar like rice wine vinegar as well as salt and sugar. You can use seasoned vinegar, but it might not be to your exact taste. You need about a quarter cup of the vinegar mix for 1 and a half cups of rice. Mix that together while being careful not to mash the rice and you have your sushi rice. Then you just spread that over seaweed meant for sushi in a layer. Make sure to leave a small section of seaweed bare so you can seal it later.

After you have the rice down, just lay down your ingredients and use a sushi mat to help you roll it nice and tight. You can use plastic wrap on the mat to make it easier to clean up later. Then you slice the roll with a good sharp knife into bite-sized pieces and you have your sushi ready to eat.

Best Rice Cooker for Sushi Rice

This list has a few options that should work for your budget. All of these will work great for sushi, and some will let you cook other foods as well.

1. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares model gives plenty of options. It can make 8 cups of cooked rice and has settings for both white and brown rice. It also has a steam option that will let you steam food in your rice cooker. You even get a steamer basket so you can cook rice and steam vegetables for your dinner all in one unit. It also has a flash rice function and the ability to delay cooking for later. You need to make a minimum of 2 cups of cooked rice in this unit.

For sushi, this should work nicely. It makes enough for a whole family and plenty of rolls. You can even use brown rice for a healthier option. The manufacturer also claims this will cook other grains like quinoa and barley. If you enjoy lots of types of grains, this may be for you.

There have been issues noted with the cooker claiming the rice was cooked when all you have is slightly warmed water. There have also been reports that the plastic bit that latches the lid breaking and making the whole unit useless. Cleaning can also be a bit more difficult, even though the inner cooking pot is nonstick.


  • Cooks both white and brown rice
  • Can delay cooking for up to 15 hours so you can have your rice ready when you get home
  • Can steam food as well so you can make vegetables and rice in one unit
  • Works for other grains as well

  • Bit hard to clean
  • Seems to have a heating unit failure often

2. Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB

This rice cooker is one of the best on the market but is also up there in price. It has a capacity of 3 cups of uncooked rice. This has a specific setting for making perfect sushi rice. It will also cook white and brown rice, long-grain white rice, GABA brown rice, and steel-cut oatmeal. This gives you plenty of options for cooking perfect rice with ease. It has a triple heater in the bottom, sides, and lid for even heat and faster cooking. It can make as little as a half cup of rice. This makes it a good option for small families and single people.

If you are looking to make good sushi rice, this is one of the best options. The built-in sushi rice function works great with sushi rice. You can also keep your rice warm while you work on prepping your other ingredients. This makes it handy for those who haven’t quite mastered the art of timing food to have it all done at once yet.

One thing to note is the size. If you have a larger family or want to make enough rice for guests, this won’t be large enough. It seems to work best for just 1 or 2 people. It also can’t cook jasmine rice well. If you want it for jasmine rice, you may want another model. There have also been notes that the measurement lines aren’t entirely accurate. You may need to adjust how much water you add. It also takes a bit longer to cook than other models. However, the results do tend to be superior.


  • Settings for many different types of rice
  • Can cook oats
  • Easy to clean
  • Good results

  • Can only make up to 3 cups of rice
  • Takes a bit longer to cook
  • Won’t work for jasmine rice.

3. Cuisinart CRC-400

This Cuisinart model is a slight step up from the cheap models you see at discount stores. It uses a simple lever system to cook, so no fancy settings. It has an aluminum cooking pot with a nonstick interior, a glass lid, and a stainless steel exterior on the unit. It is certainly an interesting looking rice cooker, so if you want something that will look nice on your counter, you may like this option better. It makes 4-7 cups of cooked rice. So it’s best for cooking for a family.

It has a steaming basket, so you can prepare a meal in this cooker as well. For sushi, make sure you are careful with how much water you use. Sushi rice needs less water than long grain rice. You may need to adjust the water amount to figure out the perfect amount for your rice. The simplicity of this unit is nice, but it may be a bit pricey for the features offered. The recipe booklet included with the unit claims you can make things like risotto in this unit. All of the parts that can be removed are dishwasher safe.

One thing to note is that you may experience water spillover if you don’t use the steamer basket as well. This could be frustrating if you lose the steamer basket or just don’t want to wash another item. It also doesn’t have a specific setting for short-grain rice like sushi rice, so you will need to experiment to get the perfect rice.


  • Very nice looking
  • Simple operation
  • Good capacity
  • Steamer option for multiple dishes

  • Need to experiment to make the perfect sushi rice
  • Water spills over without the steamer basket

4. Magic Chef MCSRC03ST

This tiny unit with a 3 cup cooked rice capacity is great for single people or couples. You can make enough for a few sushi rolls in each batch. It has one setting for rice and offers the ability to steam other foods while your rice cooks with an included steamer basket. There is also a timed cooking function so you can cook other foods in your rice cooker. You can also delay the cooking, so you can prep the pot in the morning and set it to start cooking just before you get home.

Many owners have used this cooker for making other foods and easy lunches at work. If you want something similar, this cooker should work well. If you enjoy oatmeal, this cooker will also work for it even if it doesn’t have a preset button for it. Just use the timer and you should end up with tasty oatmeal. It also works as a lunch warmer, so if you need something small for the office, this can be a better choice than a dedicated lunch warmer since it can make more food and actually cook.

One thing to note is that the measurement is based on the included rice cup. This particular rice measuring cup is smaller than the industry standard of 180 mL of rice at only 100 mL. So this unit makes a bit over half as much as a standard rice cooker. If you live alone, this can make it a good option. If more than 2 people will be eating, you may want another rice cooker.


  • Great for 1 or 2 people
  • Can make more than just rice
  • Good for making or heating lunch at work

  • Smaller than advertised

5. Comfee Rice Cooker

The COMFEE is a great option for large families, big appetites, or entertainers. It has a 10 cup capacity and can make many foods. It will cook rice, soup, stew, yogurt, and oatmeal. You can also use it to steam, brown food, make cakes, or pasta. It even has a manual mode to let you come up with your own recipes and experiment. It doesn’t have a quick function, but for the size, it works very well. Since it has so many functions, it can replace a number of appliances like a slow cooker and save you space. This is great for those living in apartments or with tiny kitchens.

One thing to note is that it makes a lot of steam while cooking and this can make a mess. It also doesn’t warm for as long as the online pages claim it can. Most note that the rice will get dry in a few hours. However, for sushi, you should be using freshly made rice and adding your vinegar while it is still hot. This is still an issue if you made rice for breakfast and wanted to have it keep some warm for dinner later on. You can still use this for plenty of foods as well as rice. Many owners note that it makes a great soup.


  • Large capacity
  • Multiple function let it replace many different appliances
  • Doesn’t take up much space for how much food it makes

  • Warming function isn’t as good as advertised
  • Makes a mess with the steam sometimes

6. Mishcdea Small Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a small rice cooker for small families or couples, Mishcdea is the best for you as it prepares cooked rice for one to two people. It’s an all in one multi-cooker that incorporates seven function keys that will comfortably meet your demands. Some of the incredible features of this appliance include:

White Rice Setting

For an enjoyable main or side dish, this cookware lets you prepare perfect fluffy white rice. You can also include sushi seasoning for a bowl of perfect sushi rice at home. With this rice cooker, you need to set the ratio of rice to water as 1:1.2 for perfect fluffy rice.

Brown Rice Setting

The cooker comes with a brown rice setting to make it easy for you to cook brown rice. Note, for perfect water absorption, you need to extend the preheating time and cook the rice at low temperatures to prevent the rice from becoming mushy.

Porridge or Soup Cooking

You can cook fluffy porridge or soup by using the porridge/soup setting. Use low cooking temperatures and cook it for more extended periods than the white rice if you need perfect soup.


The cooker incorporates a handle to let you move it easily in the kitchen. You can also easily store it in several spaces in the kitchen, thanks to its small size.

This feature allows you to delay the cooking time in several modes. For instance, you can delay the timer between 1 and 24 hours. So, you can prepare the ingredients in the evening or morning and then set the ideal cooking time.

A Detachable Inner Lid

It has a detachable inner lid that makes it easy for you to clean.

Measuring Cups and Rice Ladles

The rice cooker comes with several accessories like a measuring cup and ice ladles.

Twenty-four Hours Delay Time

You can delay your cooking for up to 24 hours.

Cake Menu Setting

Use the cake menu setting to bake a cake in this appliance.


  • It has a detachable and washable inner lid
  • It comes with a beep audio indicator or programmable melody to notify you when the cooking is done.
  • It’s pretty fashionable
  • Multi-menu selections
  • It has the keep warm feature
  • Easy to clean

  • Not ideal for a large family

7. Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker

Over the years, Hamilton Beach has been designing great kitchen appliances. The manufacturer has surpassed the users’ expectations with this multi-purpose rice cooker. The appliance makes between two to eight cups of whole grains or cooked rice.

With this appliance, you effortlessly prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Preparing a balanced and complete meal in this model from Hamilton Beach is as simple as placing the ingredients in the pot and turning it ON.

Besides allowing you to cook rice and whole grains, the incorporated basket lets you steam vegetables, poultry and seafood as rice cooks below. What this means is that by just pressing several buttons, you can easily and quickly serve broccoli and chicken on one night and almon with quinoa and kale over white rice the next night. The fantastic features of this cooker include:

Prepare Healthy Meals

The cooker lets you prepare a nutritious meal in one cooking. You can steam veggies and poultry in the steam basket as rice cooks below.

Two-in-one Steam Basket/Rinser

To create a fresh taste and prevent the rice from clumping, you need to rinse it before cooking. With this appliance, it’s simple to rinse rice as it incorporates a steam basket that doubles up as a rice rinser.

Smart Features

It incorporates four preprogrammed settings, like whole grains, white rice, hot and steam cereal. Besides, it has a countdown timer that displays the remaining cook time as well as a warm function that automatically keeps your meal warm after cooking completion.

Other Accessories

Hamilton Beach rice cooker also comes with a measuring cup to let you have the best water to rice ratio. The included serving paddle makes it easy for you to dish up the meal.


  • Eight cup capacity
  • Ideal for one-pot food
  • Multipurpose – it makes rice, hot cereal, whole grains, steamed veggies and much more.
  • It has a steam basket/rice rinser.
  • Easy to operate

  • It takes a long time to cook.
  • It doesn’t always cook fluffy rice.

8. Toshiba TRCS01

Enjoy fast and easy cooking with the Toshiba TRCS01 rice cooker. With this rice cooker, you can easily prepare a healthy steamed meal and restaurant-quality rice. The best thing is that you can prepare all meals with a single touch of the button. The appliance also includes a twelve-hour delay timer as well as a twenty-four-hour keep warm feature. Here are the features it comes with:


It’s pretty easy to move the rice cooker from one kitchen top to another without fear of burning yourself, thanks to the incorporated handle.


The rice cooker has a menu setting made to prepare various types of delicious rice. Additionally, you can use this cooker to prepare porridge, steam food or even cook steel-cut oats.

Detachable Vent and Inner Lid

You can safely remove the inner lid and vent for easy and fast cleanings.

Soup and Rice Ladles

The cooker incorporates useful accessories like the soup and rice ladles.


  • Two delay timer settings
  • Seven preprogrammed functions
  • 12 cups cooked or 6 cups uncooked capacity
  • 24 hours auto keep warm feature

  • Complicated for the novices
  • Small for the large family

9. Tlog ARC-150

Tlog ARC-150 cooker can prepare virtually anything, and what is impressive is that the cookware is pretty affordable! With preset cooking time and multi-function cooking, you can cook your food with just a press of a button. The manufacturer aims at providing special kitchen appliances with reasonable price and superior quality. Here are the features of this cooker:


It’s a mini rice cooker with a capacity of 0.6L. Well, this size is perfect for 1 to 2 individuals, couples, single or small family. The best thing is that it doesn’t need a huge storage space.

Preset Time

If you don’t have adequate time to cook, you can set the ideal starting time before going to work to have a healthy and fresh meal upon coming back from work. It’s a must-have rice cooker for busy office employees.


It comes with six cooking functions to fully satisfy your creativity and invention in cooking. The incorporated smart program set for cooking brown and white rice can be used to prepare oatmeal, yogurt and soup.

Keep Warm Feature

After you’re done with the cooking, the appliance will automatically switch itself to the ‘keep warm’ mode. With this, you’ll enjoy a hot and fresh meal.


  • It has a detachable non-stick inner pot.
  • It comes with a measuring cup.
  • It has a plastic rice spatula.
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

  • Not dishwasher safe

10. Moosum Rice Cooker

The cooker comes with a 6-in-1 steel cooker, stew pot, slow cooker, soup pot, food warmer, steamer and sauté. The six-in-one cooking setting allows you to cook rice, soup, long rice, brown rice, slow cook, or steam. So, if you’re searching for a cooker for either a fast or slow cook, this is the appliance to buy. It incorporates the following features:

White Rice and Brown Rice Setting

With this setting, you can perfectly cook fluffy white rice for an enjoyable main or side dish. The exclusive brown rice menu setting allows you to prepare healthy and flavourful brown rice.

Non-stick Pot

The non-stick surface is easy to clean, safe to cook and BPA-free.

Slow Cooker

Merely put, this appliance is more than a rice cooker as it gives you the ability to slow cook your meals.

High-Pressure Settings

You can prepare healthy meals fast with this appliance. Generally, preparing meals with high pressure saves energy and lowers the cooking time by over 70%.


The attached touch handle allows you to carry the cooker with ease.

Detachable Steam Vent Cap

Well, this feature prevents messy overflows as you cook meals in high temperatures. It also has a detachable inner lid for easy cleanings.


  • It has the keep warm feature
  • It comes with several accessories, like a rice measuring cup, rice scoop and user manual.
  • It saves both time and money
  • 100% safe
  • Amazing design
  • Large capacity

  • Doesn’t last long

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rice Cooker

Here are the essential features you need to look out for when buying a rice cooker:


The amount of cooked or uncooked rice that a rice cooker can comfortably hold defines its capacity. Usually, it ranges between 1 to 42 cups. Remember, when it comes to the uncooked rice capacity, it’s worth noting that manufacturers are talking about the measuring cup that comes with the appliance instead of the commonly used US measuring cup.

So, if you’re searching for a rice cooker to use in your house, you’ll come across several models that can comfortably accommodate between one and ten cups of uncooked rice. If you are in the market for a commercial rice cooker, you should search for models that can handle over 40 cups of rice at ago.

The available kitchen space is also an essential factor to consider. Usually, large capacity rice cookers come with large footprints. Therefore, it would be wise to consider the available kitchen space so that you buy an appliance that fits effortlessly.

Features and Functions

Even the most standard models incorporate a keep warm setting. What this means is that you’ll have warm and fluffy rice whenever you want. If you do not want the rice to become cold midway through your meal, having this feature in the cookware is inevitable. Besides, you may need to acquire a cooker that includes a non-stick surface to simplify the cleaning process.

Another essential feature to consider is the sealed lid as it aids in preventing steam from escaping. In the process, it ensures a stable temperature as the rice cooks. Also, it makes sure that every batch of fluffy rice is flawlessly cooked in a reasonable amount of time.

Check whether the cooker has a timer. With this feature, it’s possible to delay the cooking process for several hours after putting water and rice into the pot. The feature is handy for individuals who have insufficient time to prepare meals.

You may also check whether the cooker has a steamer rack or not. Naturally, this feature lets you steam any type of food, such as vegetables, fish or even dessert.

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you may look out for smart controls in the cooker. Generally, with a cooker that incorporates smart controls, you can easily observe the cooking progress through an application.

Another essential feature to consider is whether or not the appliance has an alert or musical tone. The primary function of this feature is to inform you when the meal is ready to serve. As you can see, these are excellent features to have in a rice cooker, but they’re not a must.


There’re several types of rice cookers in the industry, such as micom, standard, induction heating and microwave rice cookers.

Micom Rice Cookers

Well, these are basic rice cookers that come with inbuilt micro-chips. With the included micro-chips, you can automatically modify the temperature and cooking time, resulting in perfectly cooked fluffy rice. Additionally, the appliances incorporate several cooking presets for specific food types, like brown rice, sushi rice, white rice, and porridge. In simple terms, we can say that they’re plug-and-play cookware.

Standard Rice Cookers

The standard rice cookers incorporate several features and functions. For instance, you can use them to steam vegetables, stew beef or even bake cakes. They’re available in multiple sizes to serve numerous purposes. So, if you’re searching for a rice cooker but have a limited budget, please consider buying this option.

Induction Heating Rice Cookers

Unfortunately, these are the costliest, with prices ranging upwards of $200. Ideally, the standard rice cookers distribute heat from the bottom to the up. However, these models create an induction heating zone by utilizing the whole inner pot as a heat conductor. As a result, they offer accurate heat distribution, which guarantees much better-textured rice with little energy consumption.

Microwave Rice Cookers

Merely put, they’re BPA-free plastic containers that let you cook oatmeal, rice and other grains straight from the microwave. If you’ve insufficient kitchen space, you may need to consider this option. In addition, they take less time to cook compared to the standard rice cookers. Another point worth noting is that they’re dishwasher safe and affordable.

Final Thoughts

That’s the list of the top 10 rice cookers you may buy this year. The cookers mentioned above provide the best combination of quality, versatility and price. As a general rule, regardless of the cooker you opt to buy, it’s essential to make sure it meets your budget and needs. Besides, it would be wise to buy an appliance that’s easy to use.