The Best Rotary Egg Beaters for Your Kitchen in 2022

An egg beater is a must have tool for the modern kitchen. It eases the process of mixing ingredients and helps you avoid messes. Manufacturers have developed eggbeaters in many forms and designs with even some shifting from manual operation to automated operation with electric power. When shopping for an egg beater you need to know which features are best for your cooking needs in order to pick the best rotary egg beater for your kitchen.

This article is a great place to start if you are considering purchasing an egg beater. We have invested hours of our time doing research and comparing egg beaters from different manufacturers. At the end of the investigative session, we narrowed it down to 10 of the best rotary egg beaters you can have in your kitchen. Read on the sections that follow to know more about eggbeaters, how you can use them, and tips you can use to ensure you get the best value for money when you purchase an egg beater.

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What is an eggbeater and how does it make food preparation easier?

An egg beater is a Mixing device that is operated by hand and is used for mixing liquid and viscous ingredients. The tool comes handy when you want to mix ingredients without touching them by hand. The name egg beater can have you thinking that the tools are only good for mixing eggs, but that is not the case. Egg beaters work very well for whipping up creams, mixing dough, and of course beating eggs.

Hand Held Egg Beaters

The assembly of a traditional hand held egg beater has a handle on the side, a wheel at the center and two beaters or whisks at the bottom.

You operate the beater by first putting the ingredients you want to mix in a large bowl. The bowl should be wide enough to accommodate the contents and leave enough space for movement. Then place the egg beater inside the bowl in an upright position with the beaters dipped inside the contents. The beaters should be covered about half way at most. Then use the handle to rotate the wheel, which in turn rotates the beaters. This way, you mix the ingredients without touching them by hand.

Electric Egg Beaters

Electric egg beaters improve on the manual hand operated mixers by replacing the handle and rotating wheel with an electric motor, which rotates the beaters at the bottom. The advantage of this is that you can vary the speed at which the beaters rotate and keep a constant rotating motion of the beaters for an elongated period without breaking a sweat. The use of electric beaters is, however, limited to indoor use where electric power is readily available.

Why Rotary Egg Beaters Are Better Than Electric Ones

Rotary egg beaters are great for beating ingredients for a small meal. Say for example you want to prepare eggs for breakfast for yourself and roommate. Beating only a few eggs with an electric egg beater is a bit of overkill. You don’t really need that much energy.

Rotary egg beaters operate quietly because they don’t have any running motors. The rotating wheel and crank run smoothly unlike an electric egg beater that operates with a considerable amount of noise. This works great when you want to surprise your family with a well-done breakfast. The quiet operation lets you prepare the ingredients without disturbing the others in their sleep.

If you love the outdoors, then you know how important is to spend the least amount of time preparing a meal. You quickly want to re-energize and go back to enjoy the outdoors. A rotary egg beater becomes a useful tool for outdoor camping. Since it requires no electric power to function, you can enjoy whipping up eggs and pancake dough on the go with minimal effort.

Top 10 Best Rotary Egg Beaters – Reviews

1. Danesco

The Danesco Rottary egg beater is constructed using elegant polished stainless steel that makes it stand out. The food safe grade stainless steel ensures you prepare safe food free from any contamination. The material that makes up most of the body is rust and corrosion resistant, thus guaranteeing elongated lifespan of the egg beater even with daily use.

This egg beater comes with a spacious grip handle at the top, which features a non-slip grip design to keep it locked into position when you are operating it. The grip of the handle is made of a black plastic material thick enough to fit inside your hand and protects your hand from heat if you are beating up hot items. The crank wheel is pushed by a chrome handle that also has a non-slip design with a wide tip and narrower base. You can push the wheel using a forward motion or reverse motion giving you much needed freedom to accomplish an even mix of ingredients.

The twin beaters at the bottom are also made of stainless steel and move in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion depending on which direction the wheel is cranked. They measure 4 inches high, which gives you enough clearance and rotating momentum to mix up light and slightly thick ingredients.

All the parts that make up the Danesco egg beater are safe for dishwasher cleaning. Simply toss the egg beater inside the top load and wait for the dishwasher to take care of the stains for you.


  • Spacious handle
  • Suitable for use by left handed and right handed cooks
  • Body resists rust and corrosion
  • Easy to clean
  • Handles have a non-slip shape

  • Both hands are needed during operation
  • Gears can jam sometimes

2. OXO Good Grips

The OXO Good grips is a hand held egg-beater that features an elegant design and beautiful exterior finish. The exterior has two adjoined parts: one that is made of plastic and the other that is made of non-slip silicone. The plastic part of the body covers the easy shifting gears eliminating the possibility of dirt and debris getting etched inside the gears. The enclosed gear design works great to lessen the effort you need to clean the whole apparatus after a cooking session. The side handle that turns the gears is knob-shaped and is also made of silicon for a sure grip.

The bottom part that holds the beaters is also creatively designed with stainless steel frames that elevate the beaters allowing them to rotate freely even when the base is touching the base of the bowl. With the design, you need less energy to whip up your favorite ingredients using this egg beater because the beaters are always free to move around.

The parts of this egg beater are detachable, which eases the cleaning process and allows you to reach all areas where food left overs may be etched. The top part separates from the bottom to allow you to toss the lower stainless steel frame and beaters into the dishwasher. The beaters also detach from the stainless steel frame for easy cleaning or tasting when prepping ingredients.


  • Handles are comfortable to hold
  • Enclosed body protects the gears from getting clogged
  • The beaters are elevated
  • Parts are detachable for easy cleaning
  • Gears run smoothly

  • Beaters are not strong enough to mix thick dough
  • Plastic parts on the body break easily

3. Prepworks by Progressive

The Hand operated Egg beater from Prepworks is a sturdy tool that stands and 12 inches high and 3.2 inches wide giving you ultimate control of mixing liquid and semi-solid ingredients. The open body of this egg beater allows you to freely turn the wheel rotor and makes it easy to clean all parts on the body.

The top handle, rotating handle, and the wheel are all made of same colored plastic giving the egg beater a beautiful look when stored or placed in your kitchen. The wheel has deep gear etches, which last for long without wearing and becoming shallow.

The rotating handle is shaped ergonomically and has a lined pattern on the surface, thus ensuring that it does not slip easily from your grip when you are handling the egg beater.

Twin beaters complete the look of this egg beater and are located at the bottom. They are shiny and are made of polished stainless steel. They rotate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions depending on which direction the handle is turned. The slim design allows the beaters to fit inside a medium bowl and the sturdy metal material allows them to handle variety of food items.

Construction of this Egg beater with ABS plastic and stainless steel makes it safe for dishwasher cleaning. The open body design allows easy removal of any food left overs and allows you to reach all parts when cleaning.


  • Beautifully designed with matching parts
  • Open body is easy to clean
  • The beaters are long enough to keep hands away from food
  • Sold at a low price
  • Fits narrow containers

  • Plastic wheel and gears can get deformed when placed near a flame
  • The bottom part scars the bowl when mixing ingredients

4. NorPro

The NorPro egg beater delivers efficiency in whipping up ingredients that require thorough mixing without the need for electricity, and saves you from having to deal with noise and messes characterized by mixing with an electric mixer. This egg beater is constructed using aluminum on the gears and body for durability. The exterior on these parts is highly polished giving the egg beater an outstanding look.

The plastic handles on the top and the other on the side are thick enough to fit your hands perfectly and are shaped into a non – slip design. The side handle spins the wheel with gears with a fast action that in turn rapidly turns both beaters at the bottom to make it easy to whip eggs, cream, and other ingredients of similar density.

The beaters are made of food grade 18/10 stainless steel, which benefits food preparation in two ways. Firstly, the stainless steel does not react with any food including acidic foods. This ensures that you have safe food every time you select the NorPro for food preparation. Secondly, stainless steel is corrosion and rust resistant, which means the beaters serve you for a long time without requiring maintenance.

Washing this device is made easy by the open design that lets you access all the parts easily. You can choose to clean by hand or toss the eggbeater inside the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.


  • Operates without electricity
  • Easy to clean
  • Handles are comfortable to hold
  • Beaters are strong and thick enough to handle mixing thick ingredients

  • Gears can get out of sync
  • Parts are not very durable

5. Youyou

The YouYou egg beater is uniquely designed to be operated without a rotating wheel but rather a push action motion. The sleek design features a long hollow handle that houses a mechanical spring that moves the whisk at the tip of the egg beater. Operation of the whisk involves pushing on the handle to engage the whisk into rotating motion. No batteries or electric power is needed to power the YouYou egg beater.

The full length of this egg beater extends 12 inches giving enough allowance for the hollow handle and stem to whip up contents without your hands coming into contact with the food.

The handle has a beautiful chrome finish that resists rust and corrosion. The stem and beater mechanism at the tip are made of food grade stainless steel that is durable, rust resistant, and corrosion free.

Th push motion operation uses less energy compared to the hand held rotating egg beaters and supports one handed operation. This means your other hand is free to hold the bowl with food contents steady.

The YouYou egg beater cleans efficiently with the recommended cleaning methods being either handwashing under running water and soap. You can optionally wash this eggbeater in the dishwasher if you are in a hurry because it has no electric parts or wires.


  • Can be operated using one hand
  • Sleek design
  • Occupies little space
  • Easy to clean
  • Mixes food faster than a manual beater

  • The mixing blades don’t reach items at the bottom of the bowl
  • Does not have a hanging ring on the handle

6. Punchki

The Punchki eggbeater is made for cooks who want to handle preparing many eggs at a go. Its bowl shaped design has a maximum capacity of 1100 milliliters, which allows it to hold multiple egg contents without spilling over. Optimal content recommended by the manufacturer for mixing at a go is about 4 eggs.

The top cover is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and doubles up as the fulcrum where the rotating handle is rested. The interior has four beaters arranged in a circular pattern to maximize their effect and reduce the labor it takes to mix the contents. You get 4 times the stirring effect of a regular eggbeater when you stir contents with the Punchki.

The bowl, lid, and beaters all detach for cleaning and reduce the space needed to store the egg beater. You have to clean it by hand because the dishwasher can cause the bowl to crack when it collides with other items loaded in the dishwasher.

The base features non-slip attachments that allow the egg beater to remain properly sited and prevents slipping when you are operating it.


  • Has a large capacity mixing bowl
  • 4 mixing blades do the work faster than a normal beater
  • Parts are detachable for easy cleaning
  • Non-slip mat reduces chances of slipping
  • Easy to store

  • Not ideal for mixing small amounts of food items
  • Plastic body is not safe for dishwasher cleaning

7. Regilt

This is a compact eggbeater that optimizes portability and sleek design. The egg beater features a straight hollow handle at the top part that is made of TPR plastic and a chrome finish on both ends of the handle. You get color choices of pink, yellow, and sky blue on the non-slip handle when buying the Regilt eggbeater from online stores.

The long stem and thick handle have a total length of 12 inches that gives your hands enough space to mix ingredients without touching them.

The end of the stem features uniquely designed beaters that ease the amount of time it takes to extensively mix up contents. 10 straight lines on the whisk come with twin circles on the surface of each making a total of 20 circles to maximize the friction needed to get the contents you want to mix mixed up uniformly.

The whisk and stem are made with sturdy stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion, thus guaranteeing the long life of the egg beater. Washing should be done by hand or by tossing the beater in the dishwasher. The quality of this innovatively designed egg beater is assured and backed by a 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Has a Sleek design
  • Non-slip handle prevents the hands from slipping
  • Available in different colors
  • Minimal effort required to spin the whisks
  • Ring attachments enhance mixing
  • Can be operated on one hand
  • O ring at the tip of the handle can be used to hang for storage

  • None of the parts are detachable
  • Water can get stuck inside the handle

8. Cooks Innovations

The Cooks Innovations features the labor reducing push down design to rotate a multi-liner whisk attached to the tip. The whole assembly measures 14 inches from end to end, which gives you enough distance to mix up the contents without touching them.

The top part of the mixer has a wide handle with a chrome finish. The wide handle fits inside the cook’s hand for ultimate control when mixing food contents.

A thin stem made of polished stainless steel extends from within the handle. It retracts upon a push of the handle and extends to its full sized when the handle is released. The push action in turn rotates the stem in the clockwise direction while the return action rotates the stem in the anti-clockwise direction.

The end of the stem has a whisk with multiple lined attachments that end up in circular rings for a maximized spinning and mixing effect every time the stem is rotated.

The sleek body that has no contours cleans easily by handwashing under running water and soap. The polished stainless steel body is rust and corrosion resistant, thus allowing you to get the most out of this egg beater.


  • Operates with no electricity
  • Minimal effort required to spin the whisks
  • Dual spinning when handle is pushed and released
  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning

  • Eyelets at the tip of the beater are difficult to clean
  • Mixing in a shallow bowl causes liquids to splash

9. Starfrit

The Starfrit egg beater has super-fast whisks that rotate quick enough to achieve uniform mixtures void of any lumps. It comes with a brilliant white body and different color finishes at the main handle, rotor handle, and stem attachments that hold the beater blades securely in place.

The main handle on this hand held egg beater is shaped into an elliptical loop on the left side while the rotor handle is located on the opposite side. The rotor handle only moves forward meaning let handed cooks have hard time using this egg beater.

The bottom part comes with twin stainless steel whisks that are food safe and resistant to corrosion and rust. The designers of this beater have also included a stationary stainless steel frame that is a tad longer than the whisks are, thus making them elevated and free to move when the base of the egg beater is rested.

The whisk blades detach from the main assembly allowing effective cleaning and since there are no electric parts that make up this device, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher for quick and thorough cleaning.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Has a spacious handle
  • Beaters are elevated
  • Metal parts detach from the main body and are safe for dishwasher cleaning

  • Not ideal for left handed cooks
  • Cannot handle mixing thick dough

10. RSVP

The RSVP eggbeater is designed for cooks who seek tools that combine style and functionality. It features a loop shaped handle at the top with a contoured plastic grip surface. The unique design ensures that the person using it always has a sure grip with minimal chances of slipping when they are using the mixer.

A rotor handle extends from the side and attaches to the wheel with gear incisions. The handle is thick and shaped like a knob for a non-slip grip. Gear knobs on the wheel pass in the midst of two stems with teeth that fit the gear incisions making them turn when the wheel rotates. The perfect fit ensures that you have seamless rotations and minimal resistance.

The body, stem, and whisks are all made of food safe stainless steel that does not rust or stain easily. The construction of the metal part with stainless steel and the lack of electric components in the interior make the RSVP egg beater safe for dishwasher cleaning.


  • Gears run very smoothly
  • Safe for dishwash cleaning
  • Stainless steel body resists rust and corrosion
  • Handles are thick and comfortable to hold
  • Operates without electricity

  • Both hands are needed to operate the beater
  • Requires a lot of effort to operate when mixing many ingredients

Rotary Egg Beaters Buying Guide

Rotary egg beaters are very useful tools and can save you a lot of time when mixing ingredients in the kitchen. The product reviews section above has evaluated just a few of the best rotary egg beaters that we sampled. Note, however, that you will find many others to pick from in physical stores as well as on online stores. If none of the products above have impressed you, and you are looking to buy a different egg beater, here are some things that you should keep in mind before spending money on a product.

The Mechanism That Spins the Whisks

Traditional rotary egg beaters came with a circular rotor wheel that was moved by manually turning a handle attached to it. The rotating motion was then transferred to two vertical beaters that were immersed in the food items to be mixed.

This design is maintained even in modern egg beaters that are operated manually. Modern egg beaters have greatly improved on efficiency and optimized the transfer of energy from the wheel to the beaters. Some use lightweight metal that is polished to reduce chances of rusting while some manufactures use strong plastic on the rotor wheel.

Some of the wheeled egg beaters have a plastic body that covers the rotor wheel while others leave the wheel open. The closed body optimizes turning the wheel and prevents debris and food left overs from getting stuck inside the gear cogs on the wheel.

Modern egg beaters also come in options that are operated using a push design. This eliminates the need for a wheel with gears to spin the whisks. The push design has a spring built into the handle. Pushing the handle increases tension in the spring that then transfers the force to the stem causing a spinning motion. When the handle is released the spring retracts to the original position and causes the stem to spin in the opposite direction.

Push action egg beaters are good for use when you want to mix lots of food ingredients. The exclusion of the rotor wheel allows manufacturers to make the push action egg beaters smaller and more portable. You also require less effort to operate the beaters compared to the ones that include a wheel. You only push once to spin the whisks and get an additional spin in the opposite direction when the spring retracts.

Materials Used to Assemble the Egg Beater

Many egg beaters are made with stainless steel because the metal is resistant to rust and corrosion. The food grade stainless steel is also less reactive so it is safe for mixing acidic food. One more property that makes stainless steel ideal for making egg beaters is the shiny nature of stainless steel.

Plastic and silicon also feature on some egg beaters on the handles. Good handles should be shaped in a way that reduces chances of slipping, which gives you control of the egg beater during operation.

Ease of Cleaning

In most cases, egg beaters handle mixing sticky foods and as a result, they can be hard to clean. When buying an egg beater, look out for the ones marked safe for dishwasher cleaning because they will save you lots of time. You can also use handwashing to clean the eggbeater if it is not too dirty.

Elevated Beaters

Elevated beaters work to your advantage because there is less restriction. Ensure you look at the bottom of the egg beater before deciding which one you should buy. Avoid the beaters whose movement is restricted when the base is touching down.

Smooth Gear Rotation

A smoothly rotating gear wheel is important when selecting an egg beater because it determines the amount of effort required to mix the ingredients. Smoother gears enable maximum energy transfer from the wheel to the beaters. Disregard any egg beaters that you test and find hard to rotate the wheel.

If you shop for your egg beater on online stores you will not have the luxury of testing out how smoothly or rigidly the gear movement feels. In this case, going through the user feedback on particular egg beater helps a lot. Many users share their experiences using certain products and the comments can help you figure out whether a particular egg beater has any alarming issues during operation.

Handles Grip Effectiveness

For properly mixed ingredients, you need to make multiple turns on the rotor handle in quick succession. A comfortable handle is an important feature you should look for in an egg beater. Thick handles that fit in your hand allow you to operate the egg beater comfortably without gripping on the handles too tight to prevent slipping. Additionally, look for handles with contours on the surface because they enable more friction and a sure grip when handling the egg beater.

Assembly and Disassembly

Choosing an egg beater with detachable parts is advisable as it makes cleaning, care, and maintenance procedures easier. The detachable parts also work to your advantage when one of the parts gets damaged or breaks off because you can easily find replacement parts instead of buying another egg beater.