Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Review

When you’re at the beach, you may find yourself in need of a good beach cart. If you visit the beach frequently, a beach cart can make your life easier as it will hold all of your beach items. It can be difficult to find a good beach cart that has the features you need.  This review looks at the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart to see if it’s the right cart for you.

About the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a dependable and a reliable beach cart. It’s rust resistant, fold easily so you can store it, and it’s easy to put together so you won’t have to fumble with a lot of parts. The cart features plenty of storage space, durable rear wheels, and can even keep your food items cool. This cart is designed to make your beach trips easier for you, so you don’t have to carry around heavy items. You can make one trip from the car to your beach location when you use this cart.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart’s Main Features

  • check It holds up to 100 pounds
  • check It features extra wide 10” wheels
  • check Cargo storage is 15 cubic feet
  • check Will hold chairs, cooler, and other bulky items with ease
  • check It has an umbrella holder
  • check Removeable and insulated cargo bag
  • check Dimensions are: 27” x 40” x 31” when open
  • check Dimensions are: 27” x 32” x 10” when closed
  • check Coated steel frame
  • check Cushioned Handle

This cart will hold up to 100 pounds so it’s perfect for all your gear and has the space you need. The main highlight of this cart is that is has strong and study rear wheels. It’s easy to move the cart over hard or soft surfaces. The front wheels are also quite maneuverable, so you’ll be able to take the cart where you want to at the beach. If you carry a lot of heavy items around with you, this cart is the right choice. It has wide wheels so it’s easy to move around and you’ll have more traction with the cart going over troublesome surfaces like soft sand. The cargo bag that comes with the cart is removable and has side pockets with zippers.  You can use this cart to move around bulky beach items such as a cooler or a couple of chairs. It will resist rust as it features a coated steel frame so it’s perfect for down near the waters edge. The handle is coated, so it won’t hurt your hands when pushing the cart even with the maximum load, although you probably don’t want a maximum one-hundred-pound load. The cargo net makes it easy to carry items like a sand bucket, balls, and children’s toys.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Advantages

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart has several advantages that make it a good choice for your next beach adventure:

  • Well Designed – It features a nice design, so it looks great down at the beach. There’s no need to bend to get items out of the cart as they are within easy reach. It has a solid steel frame construction, so it’s built to last. The handle is easy to push so there’s less strain on you, even if you have a full load of items in this cart.
  • Collapsible – The cart folds away for easy storage yet can hold larger and bulky items so you can take those to the beach with you.
  • Side Pouches – There’s side pouches to store smaller items like your mobile phone and your keys so you don’t lose them.
  • plus Good Wheels –  The cart has solid 10” wheels which work well on uneven surfaces. The front wheels act like stroller wheels so it’s easy to maneuver.
  • plus Insulated Bag – This bag helps store food items and keep beverages cool. Other carts don’t feature a cooler, so you can take cold drinks with you to the beach.

Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Disadvantages

This cart has several disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • Front Wheels – These wheels are maneuverable, but they aren’t that durable, unlike the rear wheels. The front wheel may break off during usage. The front wheels are one of the larger downsides to this cart and could be a problem for users.
  • Small Plastic Parts – There’s some small plastic parts such as the swivel connectors that join the steel stubs and these could wear out or break.
  • plus Mesh Bag –  This bag is a little on the thin side and may present problems.

What Buyers Are Saying

Many buyers are satisfied with the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart cart due to the larger wheels and amble storage that the cart features. It also has the cooler which is a bonus for those that want to have snacks and cold drinks down bat the beach. The zippers and the side pockets make storing smaller items easy.

Some buyers had problems with this cart such as missing pieces when they purchased their product online. Other users had difficulty with the front wheels as they broke off for several users of this cart or the rubber separated on the wheels. The mesh bag is a little on the thin side and may tear or cause other problems.

Overall Thoughts on the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

The Tommy Bahama Beach Cart is a solid product for taking down to the beach. It has good wheel wheels and it will store all your beach items with ease. On the downside it has some parts that aren’t designed that well. The mesh bag is quite thin and may tear on the cart. The front wheels are maneuverable but aren’t as sturdy or as well made as the rear wheel of this cart. These wheels could pose some problems for users, so you’ll need to take care when moving the cart around. Our recommendation is that you try the cart out and it’s got a lot of storage room for your gear but be careful with the front wheels as they aren’t as well made as the rear wheels. The cart should last of you take care of it and will carry all of your items to the beach.