Top 3 Benchtop Jointers – Consumer Reports

?A Benchtop Jointer is a tool which you can use in flattening a twisted or bent lumber board. This is till the edges become squared or straight and the surfaces get flat. Getting the best benchtop jointer would aid the carpenter in enhancing the look of the wood without making an excess tear.

Because there are various kinds of jointers available in the market, choosing the appropriate one can be a really stressful activity. To assist you with this, we have compiled 3 of the top benchtop jointers you can buy alongside the required information. It will provide you with a clear idea when choosing the best one for your requirements.

Top 3 Benchtop Jointers

Below is a list of the Top 3 Benchtop Jointers you can find on the market today. Take a look at the one that suits you best and get it today.

Cutech 40160H-CT 6 Bench Top Jointer

The Cutech 40160H-CT is the very first on our list and for great reason too. This benchtop jointer comes alongside a degree fence of 90-135 degrees. It sports adjustable tables, powerful motors and a wide spiral cutter head.  With a 1/8 inch cutting depth and a dust extraction port of 1.5 inches, it would make a great choice for anyone.

This machine is perfect for woodworkers as well as DIYers on a tight budget. It is also great for experts in the field who have small workspaces. You can be certain of a clean workspace while using this jointer as the dust collection feature aids in keeping dust in check always.

Another great aspect of this jointer is that it is moderately quiet. Nonetheless, using some form of hearing protection is still ideal. This jointer is also great if you want to flatten boards at certain angles. This is possible because you can adjust the fence from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.


  • It comes with a dust collection bracket
  • It has an adjustable fence
  • It comes alongside a spiral cutter head


  • The fence is not easy to adjust
  • It can only cut boards which are short

If you want a benchtop jointer that is portable, this is the best choice for you. It is little enough to function in a small workshop but has the capacity to handle boards of up to 6 inches in size.

POWERTEC BJ600 Bench Jointer

This is a durable jointer that gives you great value for your cash. The Powertec BJ600comes with some of the features you can get from other high-end jointers but with a lower price.

This machine is quite durable and is constructed with a cast iron fence, out-feed table and in-feed table. You can be certain you won’t need to invest in a replacement for a long time after purchasing this jointer. You can rotate the fence of this jointer 45 degrees in both inward and outward direction. This allows you to do a bevel and chamfer cut on any chunk of lumber.

One of the great aspects of the BJ600 is that it comes alongside a built-in dust collection system. It also comes with a bag for collecting dust. This means you do not have to spend extra funds in purchasing any of those items.

Similar to other benchtop jointers, this also has the capacity to lower and raise the tables. This enables you to change the depth of cut depending on the amount you desire to cut off. For enhanced safety, this machine comes alongside a safety power switch lock. This aids in averting any accidental operation or starting of the jointer.


  • It comes alongside a powerful motor
  • It is very durable
  • The fence can be adjusted with ease
  • It comes with an inbuilt dust collection system and bag


  • In-feed table adjustment can be tedious
  • The fence bracket is not that strong


With a construction of cast iron, this benchtop jointer would make an ideal choice for individuals looking for a jointer that would last for a long time.

JET - JJ-6HHDX Helical Head Jointer

This is a product from Jet which provides a great range of features. It is great for tasking woodworking projects. It comes with a bed of 6 Inches and a cutting depth of 1/8 Inch. This provides it with enhanced control.

It features a helical cutting head alongside carbide inserts that run flawlessly and quietly during use. It offers wood being processed with a very clean finish. You can expect a very decent cutting speed with the motor of one horsepower. This allows the cutting handle to deal with a variety of wood. Also, the motor is placed in a fan cooled enclosure which ensures it operates at ideal temperatures and prevents overheating. This ensures you can work for long hours without hassles.

The fence which you can adjust in 45 degree stops both ways alongside the hand wheels for the table controls provides ample precision. You can utilize this to make certain that there is accuracy in each pass.

On the downside, the dust can be quite problematic as some of it tends to slip out of the bag for collecting waste.


  • It provides you with reliable and steady performance
  • It can be assembled and set up with ease
  • Its heavy duty and rugged construction aids in absorbing vibration. This ensures it can be operated quietly with a minimal noise
  • The helical cutter head minimizes excess chipping of wood
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  • The fence is a bit difficult to adjust


Choosing the best benchtop jointer for your requirements can be tedious as you must have observed. This is especially the case if you are not aware of what to search. Depending on what you are looking for, any of these options above are certain to meet any requirements you may desire in a great benchtop jointer.