Top 5 Kitchen Blinds in 2022 – Consumer Reports

​When it comes to styling your kitchen, window blinds should be one of the fantastic things. It is one of the most important, yet difficult decisions to be made. By choosing the perfect blind for your kitchen, you can change the entire look gracefully. Here we are to help you buy the best blind for your kitchen.

​Top 5 best kitchen blinds in 2022

Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated Light Filtering Fabric

​Want a blind that looks simple and attractive? This one’s for you then. Easy lift Trim-at-home shade by Redi Shade offers the fit and look of custom shades. They are made up of fabric that can be easily cleaned with light vacuuming or dusting. It is available in two tones: natural and white, with respective rails according to the color. The best part about it is that you can trim the blind, using the kitchen knife through a proper guide, according to the window’s size. It can be installed easily with a stick, without any use of tools. The soft fabric gently allows light to pass through it without invading privacy. It has a cordless lift mechanism which makes it easy to operate and clean.


  • ​You can trim at home for perfect fitting
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Cordless lift mechanism
  • ​Easy to clean


  • ​Difficult to trim

CHICOLOGY Everyday Cordless Zebra Shades

​​Chicology is well-known for blinds. Their Zebra Shades have a sleek and fashionable look with modern and advanced functions. If you are looking for something unique and ultra-modern, this one is the perfect option. It is made up of a variety of materials: polyester blend, plastic, fabric, and steel. It has this updated double-layer design that allows you to control light. It gently filters all the sunlight by letting you choose between the opaque or sheer blind. It comes in a wide range of colors making it a perfect choice for a variety of places. It can be used either for inside mount or outside mount. It comes with an installation guide and hardware with a 1-year warranty.


  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Provide a clean chic kitchen look
  • ​Adjustable light control
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​Fabric is thin
  • ​Privacy is invaded

CHICOLOGY Cordless 1-Inch Vinyl Mini Blinds

​​​Upgrade your kitchen look with Chicology’s 1-inch Vinyl Blinds. It is a budget-friendly product after buying you will never regret. Their vinyl blinds come in versatile neutral colors allowing you to choose according to your choice. Its durability and moisture-resistant features make it perfect for the kitchen as it requires low maintenance. It is lightweight which comes with the same color combination of rail and blinds. The best feature of this blind is that it can switch between light filtering and dark mode, allowing light to pass in as per need. You have to rotate the wand to close and open the blind’s slats. Through a cordless mechanism, it allows you to operate with ease and is user-friendly. 


  • ​Switch between light and dark mode
  • ​The cordless feature makes it user friendly
  • ​Durable
  • ​Moisture resistant


  • ​Very hard to install
  • ​Not according to standard window dimension

ChadMade Customize Linen Roman Shade for Kitchen Window

​​​​Want some amazing colored blinds for your kitchen? Well, this one is something made for you. Add this beauty to your kitchen and make it look elegant. This Chadmade Linen Roman Shade comes in a wide variety of colors to complement the interior of your kitchen, to the next level of sophistication. They offer these soft and elegant shades of Roman traditions. You can make your kitchen look simply magical by pairing these blinds according to your theme. These blinds are made up of polyester linen, perfect for the kitchen as it is easy to clean. The Roman blinds are perfect for small windows. It is very easy to install; comes with a detachable headrail and aluminum rod, through which blinds are attached. It works for both, inside mounts and outside mounts. It offers a cord lift system, ensuring safety and making it easy to function. So, make your kitchen look beautiful with these fabric roman shades. 


  • ​Comes in a variety of colors
  • ​Washable
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Are detachable
  • ​Used for inside and outside mounts


  • ​Fabric gets dirty easily
  • ​Let some light pass through it

Artdix Roman Shades Blackout Window Shades

​Looking for a beautiful patterned blind? This geometric roman blind is a perfect option. It is made up of polyester material which makes it kitchen-friendly. These shades are customized for you. To make them blackout completely, these roman shade blind uses beige linen as a lining behind the blind, make the blinds keep out 100% sunlight. It has a high-quality metal chain attached to it. The fabric roman shade is easy to take off and wash. It can be used for both inside mount and outside mount. It comes with all necessary hardware with proper installation guide, which makes it easy to install. It is ideal to use a variety of spaces because it is user-friendly and safe to use for children as well. 


  • ​Very easy to install
  • ​Lining used to block the light
  • ​User-friendly
  • ​Washable


  • ​Thick enough to make kitchen bit warm
  • ​No ventilation through it

Buying Guide for Kitchen Blinds:

Now let’s talk about how to choose a perfect blind for your kitchen. Well, there are a lot of important things to look for. Here is the list of all factors you should consider when buying blinds. 

Choose according to the location of the window.

The location of the window, where you have to use the blind matters a lot. You should always choose the blind which is best for a certain location. Many of us have a window located over the sink, where it is difficult to reach comfortably. For this reason, roller blinds are the best choice for windows above sinks. They are very easy for you to operate with the attached spring mechanism, which helps you to roll the blind up and down. You can opt for vertical blinds as well; they are more versatile than roller blinds. The amount of light can be easily controlled by these blinds. Most importantly, go for those blinds which are easy to clean after getting dirty. 

Material of the blind:

There is a wide range of materials from which blinds can be constructed of. Depending upon the location where you are putting these blinds, the material of the blind is an important thing. Roller blinds made from synthetic fabric are the best choice for the kitchen. They are durable and very easy to clean. Don’t go for natural fabric blinds as they tend to get dirtier in the kitchen and aren’t fading resistant. You should avoid wood blinds in the kitchens because wood is a natural material that can get affected by the moisture and humidity of the kitchen. If you want to get some wood blinds, you can buy the alternative Faux Wood blinds. These blinds are cheaper than wood blinds and can be used in high-humid areas. 

Light Control:

While choosing the blinds, think practically. Whether you want to block out all the light or you want to allow in natural light. Well, this decision is up to you. If you want to block the light completely, go for blackout blinds, they reduce the level of light to the maximum level. You can also buy Day & Night blinds for flexible light control. It is a perfect choice for light control and daytime privacy. 

Easy to Clean:

A kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time making food or washing dishes. Inevitably, it can get dirty by a drink splash or by greasy food splatters. Therefore, you have to use the blinds that, unlike curtains, are cleaned easily. Solar shades and vinyl blinds tend to get clean easily by washing them with soapy water. 

Why should you buy the best kitchen blinds?

When it comes to window covering, most people choose blinds over window shades or curtains, especially for the kitchen. This is because blinds are highly operative, versatile, and simple yet stylish too! They give a modern look than those curtains or shades and are budget-friendly as well. When you invest in kitchen blinds, you want them to fit your kitchen perfectly. So you have to buy the best kitchen blinds. A kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time, whether it’s making food, washing dishes, having a family dinner, or just a cup of coffee for yourself. You don’t want anyone to invade your privacy, right? So the blind gives you privacy, whenever you need it, without stopping the light. If you have your kitchen window next to your street, these blinds will prevent people from peeping into your house and ensure your privacy. However, it can blackout light completely as well if you have chosen the right blind. So this is another reason you should buy the best blind so that they can allow the light as per your need. You can use blackout blind if you want no light to pass through. Or you can use vertical and roman blinds that can give you complete control over both privacy and light. Both are highly recommended for kitchen use. Zebra roller blinds are also a great option for the kitchen. You can easily choose the amount of light by tuning their transparent and translucent materials. Moreover, if you have a window that faces the garden, you can have a perfect view while working and also you can keep an eye on your children as well when they are playing outside. Blinds, such as roller blinds, are space savers as well. They are simple to operate and unlike curtains, they don’t get attached to window sills. Most importantly, these blinds reduce excessive heat in the kitchen as they have the potential to absorb all the heat. Buying blinds than curtains is a life savior to be very honest. A kitchen is a disaster place when it comes to making food over there; sauces can be splashed at the blinds mistakenly, grease splatters everywhere, and especially the smoke of cooking food makes the curtains or blinds even dirtier. So curtains are no for kitchen space, as it is very hard to clean them, whereas these blinds are very easy to clean. Lastly blinds give your kitchen a more modernized look. You can choose blinds according to your kitchen theme. Blinds come in with a range of colors and patterns. You can get a simple colored one and pair it with your crockery. If your whole kitchen look is white, for example, you can opt for the bright-colored blind which will enhance your whole kitchen look and brighten up your space.

Final Words

The kitchen blind is an essential part of the kitchen. It makes your kitchen look neat and graceful. You should buy kitchen blinds according to your kitchen theme, style and of course your need. If you want to have a stylish one, go with the colored or patterned ones. The most graceful and durable ones are vinyl blinds. These are best for your kitchen if you want something simple yet modern. Kitchen blinds allow you to adjust the light. If you want no sunlight to pass through it, then you should buy the blackout blinds or those blinds which have a cloth lining behind them. These blinds also ensure your privacy. Always look for cordless blinds as they are easy to function, which make them user-friendly. Make sure you consider the entire buying guide in your mind before purchasing a blind. Don’t go for wood blinds; always go for Vinyl blinds or Roman blinds. These two are the best recommendations. We hope this article was helpful for you. Do visit us again in order to look for all the best products or accessories for the kitchen.

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