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Searching for a yogurt maker? With so many choices out there, choosing a yogurt maker often causes unexpected stress. We never want to spend money on products that do not provide us with great value and a desirable finished product, yet without a bit of knowledge before purchase, this may be the result. We’re here to save the day, providing you with a quick and easy buying guide.

Why Buy a Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt tastes great but its health benefits are superb. It’s one of the most probiotic-rich foods out there. Sadly, yogurt shops charge a small fortune for a cup of yogurt and the supermarket versions often contain high sugar levels and other unhealthy added ingredients. With a yogurt maker in the kitchen, you can easily and quickly whip up a fresh batch (or two) of healthy, natural yogurt and never worry about what’s inside the food that you eat. Plus, all those probiotics inside yogurt will give your health an incredible boost.

Although newbies may find yogurt-making at home somewhat intimidating, it’s truly easy with the right machine in hand. Plus, practice makes perfect and we all need to become comfortable with appliances and processes before we can perfect the skill. In due time, you’ll make yogurt as easily, stress-free, and quickly as the pros!

Homemade yogurt tastes great and you can feel good about eating the product since you know exactly what is inside. That is not the case when you buy yogurt from the local supermarket or even a restaurant. Homemade yogurt tastes better than what you find sold at supermarkets and restaurants as well. You’ll taste a big difference in the final product and love your version so much more.

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The money that you can save with a yogurt maker variety but expect big savings, especially if you eat yogurt regularly. You can choose a yogurt maker that produces large or small batches of yogurt and make this snack a regular part of your diet if costs stop you from doing so already.

Adding yogurt to your diet offers multiple health benefits, including:

  • Rich in important nutrients the body needs for optimal health
  • May reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Rich in protein, yogurt has about 12 grams per 7-ounces
  • Filled with live bacteria that serve as probiotics for improved digestive health
  • Gives the immune system a huge boost

Yogurt is a great, healthy snack suitable for the whole family. It’s one of those healthy foods that even kids enjoy eating. Since yogurt is customizable with fruits, granola, and other mix-ins, you can always enjoy delicious variety in your diet, especially with your own yogurt maker!

Homemade yogurt tastes great, often costs less than store-bought versions, and ensures all the benefits that yogurt has inside benefit your health. Once you find the right yogurt maker, you’ve found a great hobby that actually benefits your life in many ways.

With this round-up of buying tips and a list of best yogurt makers, it’s even easier. We’ve taken the stress out of buying a yogurt maker, giving you one more reason to invest in this super affordable, super awesome product for your household.

The Best Yogurt Makers – Consumer Reports

Great value. Feature-filled. Easy-to-use. Great brand. These features are among the many that rank the following yogurt makers among the best on the market. While each yogurt maker has its own unique features, you can expect any product on this list to exceed expectations when you want delicious homemade yogurt.

1. Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker from one of the most trusted brands in kitchen appliances costs a little more than some others on this list, but the money is well-spent considering it comes with a great warranty and extra features the other models disclude.

Deemed the ‘Cadillac of yogurt makers,’ the Cuisinart appliance features modern technology and a sleek style that warms any kitchen décor. The stainless steel construction is sleek and fun and blends well with most kitchen décor. It’s one of the easiest machines to use that you can buy today. That’s with thanks to features like the LED display that starts the yogurt-making process with a simple push of the ‘start’ button.

The automatic cooling system makes the extra money spent on this product worth it alone. Once the fermenting process completes, this system keeps the yogurt cool until you are ready to serve or store it!

Overcooking concerns? That is a worry of the past when the Cuisinart yogurt makers sit on your countertop. The built-in features prevent this common mishap. People appreciate this feature when they want to prepare yogurt overnight or when they’re not at home as well.

The yogurt maker includes a 50-ounce cup. That’s more than a six-pack of 8-oz. yogurt in your fridge in a matter of a few hours. The machine is quite large, however, so be sure that you have available counter space for the appliance. It is one of the largest yogurt makers sold today. Even with the larger size, this yogurt maker tops the list of favorites for many people. It could very well rank high on your list as well once you add it to your kitchen.


  • Automatic cooling system
  • BPA-free

  • Large size

2. Proctor Silex 86300 Yogurt Maker

The best all-around yogurt maker on our list is the Proctor Silex 86300. Although larger than most people like, it’s smaller than many other models and offers plenty of features and functions at a modest price.

This easy-to-use machine has an LED display, digital timer, and push-button controls that ease frustrations for beginners. Fermenting takes 8 – 12 hours with the 86300 yogurt maker. The included BPA-free 32-oz. plastic insert doubles as a storage container for the homemade yogurt.

The black and stainless steel design is simple but blends well with almost any kitchen décor.


  • Easy-to-use

  • Not compact

3. Euro Cuisine Y80 Yogurt Maker

The Y80 yogurt maker includes seven containers so you can make multiple flavors at once. You can also substitute the jars with a 42-ounce bowl. You can purchase a bowl separately since it is not included with the yogurt maker.

This yogurt maker has a fun style that warmly enhances any kitchen style. Although it does take up more space than some of the smaller, more compact yogurt makers on the list, it has a nice size for most kitchen spaces.

It takes a bit of trial and error to perfect yogurt-making skills with this yogurt maker. Experts who’ve made yogurt at home in the past also provide great sources of information and tips for making your own homemade yogurt.

The yogurt maker features a side timer that alerts you to the length of time left in the fermenting process. Despite the rather odd location for the timer, it is easy to see and helps reduce burning during the cooking process.


  • Compact size
  • 3-year warranty
  • Clear instructions make using the machine easy

  • Odd location for side timer

4. Oster Mykonos Greek Manual Yogurt Maker

Indeed, you won’t need a specialty yogurt maker to make Greek yogurt, but if it is your favorite or the only style you eat, why not purchase a product designed specifically for this need? This Oster manual Greek yogurt maker makes it easier to get the rich, creamy consistency that Greek yogurt is known for. Every batch of yogurt tastes as great as the next, even if you are new to making homemade yogurt.

Just mix the ingredients, cook, pour into the bowl for great yogurt in a matter of hours. The average time it takes to prepare homemade Greek yogurt is 12-years but some users finish their batches faster. The easy-to-use yogurt maker has an easy flip on/off switch and a great LCD screen display with a timer. Anyone can easily make Greek yogurt with this easy three-step process.

Once the yogurt is done, you can leave it in the strainer so that it thickens. Or immediately remove and serve or store in the fridge.

You’ll get everything needed to start making homemade Greek yogurt in this affordable Oster kit, including a set of six glass jars with lids, a 17-oz. plastic container, and a recipe book making yogurt in small or large batches using this machine is so simple. All of the accessories store inside the container, saving space in your kitchen. Anyone can appreciate this simple yogurt maker!


  • Freedom to make large or small batches of yogurt
  • Designed specifically for Greek-style yogurt
  • Trusted brand

  • Small container size

5. Tibek Yogurt Maker

Making homemade yogurt with the Tibek Yogurt Maker may be the easiest thing you do this week. The machine has a great LCD screen that shows the time left on the yogurt, as well as the temperature. Set it and forget it is the motto with the Tibek product.

The adjustable temperature allows you to pick and choose the right amount of heat, reducing risks of burned or scorched yogurt. The auto-shutoff feature turns the appliance off when the yogurt finishes, keeping the family and your home safe.

The yogurt maker includes eight, 6-oz. jars, giving users the freedom to mix and match yogurt flavors to better accommodate each family member. The BPA-free material is dishwasher safe and made from durable plastic for long-lasting use.

Intelligent timing control ensures precise yogurt every time. Whether you prepare yogurt in small or large batches, you will love the finished product when it’s made using this machine. Simply add the ingredients and then push a button and the rest of the work is done for you.

Finally, the brushed stainless steel design accommodates any kitchen. It is stylish and appealing and unlike some yogurt makers, does not look cheaply made. The product includes a two-year warranty, but this machine is durable, reducing the odds you will need the warranty any time. If you need a great yogurt maker with state-of-the-art features, this may very well be the perfect addition to your kitchen.


  • LCD display screen
  • Includes two-year warranty
  • Sleek design

  • None

6. InstaPot Duo Mini

Bet you didn’t realize that an InstaPot doubles as a yogurt maker, did you? That’s one of many tasks the InstaPot handles, giving even more reason to make this purchase. This versatile appliance can take care of so many different tasks in the kitchen, including making delicious yogurt on demand.

The InstaPot has a compact size that users appreciate. It fits well into a corner space or on top of the countertop wherever there is room. Despite the small size, the InstaPot has a 3-quart capacity, making it possible to make larger quantities of yogurt at once.

Thanks to 7-in-1 capabilities, the InstaPot is worth the price for most people. You get more freedom in the kitchen and can even declutter the cabinets, ridding it of some of those appliances. The InstaPot takes care of many of them.

The InstaPot has top-of-the-line features such as 14 preset cooking functions, a timer, heat intensity adjustment, and duration that help users prepare delicious yogurt (and other foods) perfectly time after time.

The InstaPot is made from stainless-steel materials with fingerprint resistance. This feature makes cleaning the appliance quick and easy. The sleek style enhances the beauty and charisma inside any kitchen space. Anyone that wants a versatile product with tons of features and capabilities should consider this investment.


  • Well-known name
  • Multiple kitchen functions

  • Expensive

7. Country Trading Co. Manual Yogurt Maker

For households tired of all the electronic appliances in the kitchen, this manual yogurt maker will perfectly suit your needs. This yogurt maker eliminates risks of dangerous fires and overcooked yogurt, replacing it with a simple and easy process for delicious homemade yogurt when you’re ready.

Know what’s really cool? A 42-page guide included with the manual yogurt maker gives you all the tips and information needed for success. Tons of recipes also fill the pages of the guide. Familiarize yourself with this information and in no time you’ll be a yogurt-making pro!

Make any type of yogurt you want using this machine, whether it’s Greek-style or traditional. You can also quickly make sour cream. Imagine the money you’ll save when you no longer buy yogurt or sour cream, as well as the phenomenal taste, and you can understand why this purchase should be one of the next you make.

A 1-quart Mason jar and a 1-liter glass jar with stainless steel lid come with the product. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

If you are unhappy with the yogurt maker, return it for a full refund. The money-back-guarantee allows you to buy the yogurt maker with complete confidence. There is little chance this will happen, however. This is a basic yogurt maker full of personality. It’s a great addition to any kitchen.


  • Manual operation, no electricity needed
  • Easy-to-use

  • More expensive than some of the electric yogurt makers

How to Choose a Yogurt Maker

So, the idea of making homemade yogurt sounds great. Now comes the challenge of buying a yogurt maker. A Google search proves there is an endless list of choices, which makes it difficult for the average person who simply wants a worthwhile product at a great price.

How can you find a great yogurt maker when so many choices exist? You learn the qualities that make a great yogurt maker and buy accordingly. With this information in mind, you spend money on a product that meets your expectations and provides long-lasting value for many years ahead.

What should you look for in a great yogurt maker? Use the following list of information for guidance during the purchase process. With these things in mind, you can quickly narrow the selection and choose the right model yogurt maker for your specific needs. Indeed, shopping for a yogurt maker is now a whole lot easier and we couldn’t be happier to provide you with the details.


Both an electric and non-electric yogurt maker is available for home use. Determine which style you most prefer. Electric model yogurt makers work best for newcomers and first-time yogurt makers, although the manual-style yogurt makers ensure lots of fun with the process.


A basic yogurt maker likely lacks all the extra bells and whistles of the costlier product, but do not always impact its operation. For a few extra dollars, features such as adjustable temperature gauges and auto-shutoff timers make yogurt prep so much easier. Consider the features that you would like in the yogurt maker and if your budget allows for the extras.


Some yogurt makers have one job while others can also help you prepare delicious soups, stews, and sauces. Consider the type of versatility you need in the yogurt maker and consider an all-in-one product if it can save you time or reduce the number of appliances in your kitchen.


With prices from $15 – $300, determining your budget is important. A good yogurt maker costs under $50, although the costlier models tend to be more durable and offer more features. Do not think you must splurge for a yogurt maker to get a quality product, however, if you want and need the fancy features and can afford the splurge, why not?


Plastic is the usual material used for yogurt makers, although some costlier models may replace plastic with stainless steel materials. The yogurt maker material should be BPA-free. Dishwasher safe components make clean-up easier and quicker. Look for such materials in your machine.


Every yogurt maker has a timer. The location and timer style both affect the ease of use of your yogurt maker. A quality timer produces delicious homemade yogurt time and time again, eliminating worry and risks during both the cooking and fermentation process. Yogurt makers may include either digital or manual timers. Decide which timer option you want, and then research different models and styles to find a yogurt maker that perfectly suits your needs.

Number of Jars

The more jars the yogurt maker includes the larger amount of yogurt you can make as well as the flavors and varieties. While accessories often sell separately, getting everything that you need in one package makes things easier and, of course, is much cheaper. Some yogurt makers include both jars and larger-sized tubs.