Top 7 Commercial Kitchen Sinks in 2022 – Consumer Reports

Every commercial kitchen requires durable sinks for cleaning and preparing food, washing cookware and utensils, and of course, washing hands. No matter how small or busy the restaurant is, you’d require commercial kitchen sinks for all the basic tasks involving cleaning and preparation. It’s important to comply with the guidelines for a commercial kitchen before you purchase sinks. A reputed restaurant should stick to the local requirements so that the permitting process is quick. 

Most commercial kitchen sink designs can be categorized into six types which will be discussed later in this article. Apart from that, you should stick to the installation type mentioned in the commercial kitchen sink guidelines. With that being said, we have curated a list of the best commercial kitchen sinks that you can find out there.

Top 7 Commercial Kitchen Sinks in 2022 (Review)

BLANCO Kitchen Sink

This kitchen sink from BLANCO is an epitome of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Made of solid granite composite, not only does it look luxurious but it is also resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. The smooth surface on the sink also makes it quite easy to clean. The non-porous sink is also resistant to alkali solutions and household acids. This huge BLANCO kitchen sink will be perfect for a commercial kitchen because it is made of heavy-duty materials and it looks amazing in the kitchen.


  • Constructed with 80 percent solid granite
  • Resistant to scratches and stains
  • Endures extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Accommodates even the biggest cookware, pots, and pans


  • Need extra help for installation due to its weight

Sinkology Kitchen Sink - Best Undermount Kitchen Sink

Here’s a luxurious looking kitchen sink from Sinkology that is made of pure solid copper. The single-bowl design provides maximum optimization of the sink space and makes prepping and cleaning easy. 

You can easily assemble the under mount kitchen sink by following 3D instructions from the free BILT app. If you are in search of a durable yet stylish sink for a commercial kitchen, get this right away. Plus, the unique and eye-catching appearance of the sink will enhance the look of any kitchen be it modern or industrial.


  • Constructed with high-quality pure copper
  • Comes with custom made bottom grids
  • Features hand-finished sink drains
  • Has a sponge holder to hold dish towels and brushes


  • Copper Armor from Sinkology needs to be used to maintain the shine

Comllen Commercial Farmhouse Sink

This kitchen sink from Comllen is constructed with premium T304 grade stainless steel that makes it anti-stain and dust-resistant. The modern-looking kitchen sink has a curved exterior on the front that makes it aesthetically pleasing for any contemporary kitchen. 

The easy-to-install sink has sound-deadening technology to ensure the quietest use. Plus, the brushed nickel finish will not only prevent scratches but will also sync well with many other kitchen appliances. Given the durability and huge size of the sink, this will be a great option for commercial kitchens


  • Constructed with premium stainless steel
  • Scratch-resistant satin finish
  • Stone guard undercoating and thick rubber dampening pads for insulation
  • Sleek design with rounded corners that ensure easy cleaning


  • Does not come with a drain rack

KoolMore Kitchen Sink

Here’s an excellent prep kitchen sink from KoolMore that is ideal for washing hands and rinsing fruits and vegetables. The space-saving kitchen can be used to rinse food items comfortably. This sink is impressive for its size and quite easy to assemble. It has adjustable bullet feet that will protect the kitchen floor. This tiny kitchen sink would be suitable for not only homes but in commercial kitchens in bars and cafes.


  • Compact size to fit into tight spaces
  • Raised edges to prevent splashes
  • Constructed with T304 18 gauge stainless steel
  • Convenient drainboard for prepping fruits and vegetables


  • Will not stand still unless secured to the wall

KRAUS Standard PRO Kitchen Sink - Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This kitchen sink from KRAUS is meant to accommodate even the largest pots, pans, and dishes. The slightly sloped bottom is engineered to quickly drain the water. Plus, the rounded corners not only provide a modern look but make it easy to clean the sink as well. 

This kitchen sink is constructed with TRU16 and T304 stainless steel that makes it highly durable and dent-resistant. With this sink, you’ll end up with the quietest kitchen because it features sound-absorbing pads. It will be a great option for any commercial kitchen because KRAUS is known for its trusted quality and functionality. 


  • Sound barrier technology for insulation
  • Protective undercoating that prevents condensation build-up
  • Gently sloped bottom that ensures easy drainage
  • Sleek, contemporary look with rounded corners


  • Takes a lot of water for the sink to get deep enough to wash items

Ruvati Kitchen Sink

Here’s a kitchen sink from Ruvati that is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. The modern-looking kitchen sink has curved corners for easy cleaning. With the help of noise-proof undercoating and sound guard padding, you’ll be left with only negligible sound and maximum thermal insulation. It comes with a bottom rinse grid that protects the bottom of the sink from scratches and alternates as a drying rack for utensils. Plus, the drain cover conceals the beauty of the sink. Overall, it’s a great option for commercial kitchens because it’s long-lasting, easy to clean, and very spacious. 


  • Constructed with thick premium stainless steel
  • Thick rubber padding and sound guard undercoating
  • Sloped design with drain grooves for quick draining
  • Long-lasting brushed-finish


  • Installation can be tough

APPASO Kitchen Sink

This kitchen sink from APPASO is strong and sturdy due to its construction with 18/10 T304 stainless steel. Due to this, they can withstand heavy use without forming and dents or deformation. The 10-inch deep sink with rounded corners accommodates even the largest cookware and is easy to clean as well. 

One of the highlights of this sink is the soundproof technology used in it with the help of a 3 mm silencer pad and overall stone-like coverage. If you’re looking for an industrial-grade commercial kitchen sink, this one from APPASO will be ideal for you.


  • Constructed with extra thick stainless steel
  • Thick rubber padding that absorbs up to 95 percent vibration
  • Ultra-deep bowl with rounded corners
  • Affordable in comparison to competitors’ prices


  • Maybe probably too deep for everyone’s liking

Buying Guide

There’s an ideal kitchen sink for every space. But due to the availability of a myriad of options in the market, it may be quite overwhelming to select one for your kitchen. This is why you should get yourself acquainted with the types, and materials of kitchen sinks before you make a purchase. 

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse Or Apron-Front Kitchen Sink 

Farmhouse or apron-front kitchen sinks are designed into a deep bowl with a protruding front that may require a special kitchen cabinet. These are usually large to hold a sufficient amount of water. Since these sinks slightly jut out, you don’t need to bend forward too much while you’re washing something in the sink. You can find them in various materials but overall, they offer a classic farmhouse look that is suitable for any modern or contemporary styled kitchen. 

Wall-Mount Kitchen Sink

As the name suggests, these types of kitchen sinks are mounted on the wall. Usually made of stainless steel, cast iron, or porcelain, they require additional support that can bear the weight of the sink. They have a vintage appearance to them so they’ll be suitable for any commercial kitchen that has industrial or urban-themed interior décor. 

Under Mount Kitchen Sink

Usually installed in a granite or quartz countertop, under mount kitchen sinks are placed underneath the countertop using brackets and adhesive. Due to this, the rim of the kitchen is concealed leading to a neater look. Plus, it makes clean up easy as well because if any crumbs fall on the rim it can be directly swept into the sink.

Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Drop-in kitchen sinks are installed in a pre-cut countertop which is why these sinks are designed to have an exposed rim that sits on the countertop. These types of sinks are the easiest to install and remove and they’re suitable with countertops of any material unlike under mount kitchen sinks that require a heavy countertop. 

Bar Or Prep Kitchen Sink

Bar or prep sinks are single-bowl sinks that are installed in addition to the main kitchen sinks. Due to their size and design, these sinks are ideal for smaller tasks such as washing hands or rinsing food items. These are suitable for both small cafes and busy restaurant because it adds more space for preparing multiple items at once. 

Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner kitchen sinks are installed in the corner of the countertops to utilize the space efficiently. Usually L-shaped, these sinks will always need to be mounted with an under mount or drop-in installation. Although you can find these sinks in different materials, the most common one has to be stainless steel. 

Types of Materials For Kitchen Sinks 

Fire Clay 

Fire clay is made by heating dense clay at very high temperatures due to which they are one of the most durable materials for kitchen sinks. They are resistant to rust as well as discoloration. The anti-bacterial material has a glossy finish which makes it easy to clean. 


These can be found in various thicknesses depending on the requirement of the sink style. Copper sinks are naturally antimicrobial therefore you’ll have the space bacteria/virus-free. However, due to their finish, it’s advised to perform monthly wax and other similar maintenance procedures to prevent discoloration or corrosion. 

Cast Iron 

These types of kitchen sinks are practically indestructible because they are constructed with solid cast iron with a porcelain enamel coating. Plus, this makes them low maintenance as well.  You can find cast iron in multiple colors including grey, white, beige, tan, and more. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is the most common material that’s chosen for kitchen sinks. This is due to their ability to not chip or crack easily. Plus, stainless steel is naturally resistant to stains or discoloration. Due to its appearance stainless steel is compatible with any type of kitchen décor. 

Granite Composite

Made with a blend of granite and acrylic resins, kitchen sinks with granite composite are extremely durable. Due to the composition, these sinks are anti-scratch/stain and resistant to heat. You can find them in multiple neutral colors to coordinate the interior of the kitchen.

Final Words

Although all the kitchen sinks featured in this article are recommended for commercial settings, you can opt to set one of these up even in your home kitchen as long as it’s in sync with the interior décor. However, keep in mind that no matter where you install the kitchen sink its functionality should meet your daily requirements. 

We are positive that you’ll be able to select the right commercial kitchen sink based on the type, size, and installation option. All the commercial kitchen sinks featured in this article ensure durability. But if we had to select one that surpasses the rest in multiple aspects, it has to be the Sinkology kitchen sinks as it is on the top in terms of quality, size, functionality, and appearance.