TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Review 2022

Do you suffer from any sort of back pain?  Have you visited a chiropractor in hopes of healing the pain that you’ve casually chalked up to age or overactivity at the gym or that time you helped a friend move?

Although you may sit effortlessly for the bulk of your work day, what if your time spent on the clock was the exact root of your back-pain issues?

It just may be.

When it comes to seeking a good support system, we automatically look to our friends and family, but what about the device that’s tasked with physically supporting us day-in, day-out, for upwards of eight hours per day? 

When deciding on an effective office chair – that is, assuming the decision is up to you and not your employer– it’s a good idea to invest in a product that provides comfortability, and not one that will have you twisting and turning your back throughout the day to get a good crack.  If you have not done so already, you may be causing yourself daily, unnecessary back pain that could easily be soothed by the use of an ergonomic chair.

Of course, there is hazard associated with the overall idea of sitting continuously for any extended length of time, so it’s vital to get up and stand whenever possible.  Plus, standing burns more calories!  However, sometimes sitting just isn’t an option.  During conference calls, while scarfing lunch down at your desk, when we have a deadline—these are moments that we encounter every day.  While we put our focus on the next thing we’ll say, the sandwich in front of us, or how that deadline is fast-approaching, we fail to consider the damage our chair may be doing to our backs—damage that we likely won’t even think to notice until we lie down in bed at night, in pain.

Luckily, there are a plethora of ergonomic office chair options out there, each with various bells and whistles, all geared towards soothing both lower and upper back pain and promoting an all-day, comfortable experience within your working environment.

One such product is the TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair.  The TOPSKY qualifies as an ergonomic chair as it is geared towards improving the health and comfortability of its users within a working environment.  Because 74% of workers admit to suffering from pain whilst sitting at their desks more than a few times a week, ergonomic chairs are formulated to conform to the body’s shape, keep tissue and joints in a neutral, natural position, support the spine and other bones, and are typically highly customizable to meet the needs of each user.  Unbelievably, the use of ergonomic chairs has been known to reduce absenteeism and error rates among employees, and even increases the time an employee is likely to dedicate to a task. 

Features of the TOPSKY Computer Chair

Voted “Best Ergonomic Office Chair with a Headrest” for 2022, the TOPSKY and its adjustable head support system puts it a step above its competitors.  In terms of adjust ability, even the arm rests can be custom maneuvered to suite your ideal sitting position, nearly custom tailored to you.  The high-quality mesh material provides breathability and fights sweaty backs, keeping your work day light and airy however possible.  Ideal for those who spend particularly long hours in the office, the excessively modern office chair is also geared towards those particularly with lower back pain, as it provides more support in this area than comparable options.  The TOPSKY’s skeletal black frame provides full coverage support and air circulation.  Also, due to the extended headrest support, users have noted a subsiding in both neck and shoulder pain as well.  Users are fans of the chair’s sturdiness and lumbar support.  Improved posture is just another advantage of sitting in this chair.  A bonus hanger adorns the back of the chair, creating an ideal resting place for your coat or suit jacket. 

The purchase of the TOPSKY is accompanied by a one-year warranty with the option to purchase expert assembly at an additional fee.  For those who prefer to assemble items themselves, there is a convenient user guide and installation manual available on the Amazon listing’s product detail page.  Speaking of customer service, TOPSKY users are quick to note that TOPSKY representatives are prompt and willing to work with customers regarding any concerns, from packaging failures to missing or crooked pieces to broken materials shortly after purchase.

From an employer perspective, providing ergonomic chairs to employees reduces musculoskeletal disorders and therefore business costs, reduces sick days, promotes a content and comfortable work environment, improves response rate, extends furniture life, improves productivity, and reduces stress among employees.  Since desks are typically one-size-fits-all, ergonomic chairs allow employees with various body types to customize their preferred level of support through the chair’s height, armrests, and seat width and depth.  The benefits of ergonomic chairs are undoubtedly endless.

Does the TOPSKY seem too good to be true?  Maybe.  Though the mesh material provides an airy experience for most, some may find such a seat a bit chillier than others.  Also, TOPSKY users are careful to note that the instruction manual is difficult to follow, not the clearest, and even lists some directions multiple times, as if it was not proofread at all.  One user’s pre-drilled holes weren’t even, resulting in a completely crooked chair once assembled.  On top of this, the chair’s packaging includes various screws loosely collected together, leaving you to figure out which is used where.  It’s important to note that washers would also be useful, though not provided at all.  While the mesh is considered of top quality, some of the chair’s parts are an easily-broken plastic.  Assembly can be frustrating and take upwards of 1.5 hours, and that’s for the typical DIY-er, so investing in the expert assembly may be the best route.  Some users complain that there are entirely too many parts to be strung together, but I suppose everyone has a deal-breaker when it comes to an investment in comfort.  The foam padding of the chair could be more soft and welcoming, particularly to those who are heavy-set.  Unfortunately, it tends to become flat rather quickly.  The padding also retains a lot of heat due to its material and, similarly to disappointing mattresses that produce the same result, this can cause excessive sweating or just a general sense of unevenness in terms of temperature, since the mesh material behind the back is airy and breathable in contrast.  Lastly, there are other, even more expensive ergonomic chairs that are rated more highly by its users, so doing your research and finalizing your budget prior to moving forward with
your investment is a must.

Overall, the TOPSKY is a solid purchase, particularly for those who suffer from any sort of back, neck, or shoulder pain and have to endure sitting for long periods of time.  Though perhaps not ideal for those who are heavier set (the chair has a recommended weight of 220 lbs) — particularly for those who would like to utilize the locked, leaned-back position– the TOPSKY chair’s expert assembly offer can counter the struggles of its individual DIY-ers.  Also, its one-year warranty and superb customer service should rectify the concerns of those who experienced broken pieces and failed mechanisms within the first year of their purchase.  Depending on your intended level of investment and hesitancy, you can also purchase 3- or 5-year accident protection.   You could always even spare yourself a few bucks and purchase the item used.

In any case, it goes without question that the benefits of an ergonomic chair such as the TOPSKY are numerous.  It’s important to note that, among the complaints users have for the TOPSKY, its price point  is not one of them– even among those who found the product faulty in some respect.  In fact, the chair’s price point qualifies as average among comparable products. I suppose that when benefits range from physical health benefits to improved posture to stress-free employees to increased productivity, the investment into an ergonomic chair such as the TOPSKY is utterly worthy for the employee and/or employer.