Best Viva Office Chairs – Consumer Reports

Choosing an ergonomic chair can be difficult, especially if you’re tight on budget. Although you can select a cheaper chair, how long can you use it? Furthermore, how can you be sure that it’s comfortable to use while you’re working? Viva is a great company that has, over the last few years, but out some very great office chairs that have climbed the ranks of some of the best office chairs on the market. In this Viva Office Chair review, we’ll examine the top three ergonomic office chair options of Viva. These Viva office chairs made it to our list because of their exceptional features for their price and materials.

3 Best Viva Office Chairs

Viva Office High Back Ergonomic Chair Executive Chair

The Viva Office High Back Ergonomic Executive chair is an excellent looking chair that uses natural leather and stitching. It also appears to have terrific specs behind the visual appeals. Noted as a high back ergonomic bound leather recliner chair that allows you take a snooze. This seat consists of an integrated back support, an incremental footrest, with a swivel base and wheels.

Evidently, the chair brings the ideal sitting experience, having multiple configurations to allow you to adjust the chair to however you best like the feel, from the height to the angle of the back.

This Viva office chair offers incredible comfort that you can even sleep in this chair. It comes with highly adjustable features that you can expect in a chair that can cost a hundred dollars more.

The armrests have leather padding, thereby, giving you super soft support. Owners of this chair love the high seat because they can raise or lower it independently. And during prolonged periods of sitting, the waterfall edge is a welcome feature to give your legs more comfort.

Another feature you’ll surely love from it is the easy-to-reach levers. They let you control the tilt of the chair while adjusting the armrest and seat height. Although you can’t change the pressure, the lumbar support is integrated into the contoured padding.

The most liked feature of this chair is the extendable footrest. It contributes to the overall ease and convenience of usage because it can be put up under the seat when you’re not using it. Plus, you can adjust it while you’re sitting in it.

Viva Office High Back Mesh

One of the most comfortable office chairs on the market, the Viva Office high back mesh, offers fantastic support from your head to your back. When you first open the box, you may feel daunted. The package is large and hefty. It also appears like it has a lot of components. But the truth is that it only takes less than 15 minutes to put the parts together. Thanks to the well-highlighted photos.

This chair is extremely sturdy and robust. The rear of the chair is bouncy, and you can adjust it to be stiffer if you choose. There’s a proper headrest on top so you can loosen up if you fancy. The armrests could be readjusted up or down according to your height, along with the entire char.

The wheels are incredibly resilient, too, and roll exceptionally easy. The seat padding is broad, about 20 inches. It’s also comfortable as it can fit individuals of most sizes of up to 250 pounds.

This office chair is constructed well, and it seems it can last for a long time.

Since you’ll be sitting in it for hours, the mesh chair will prevent a build-up of heat and moisture. It has adjustable pneumatic seat height with flexible armrests and headrest support.

The tilt tension control enables you to achieve three vertical positions.

Whether you’re short or tall, the many adjustable features of this chair can deliver you to the right height. That’s why it’s recommended to anyone who has spinal and neurological issues. If you have these issues, you can tilt the chair’s back at different angles. You can also change the head support so you can work effectively.

Viva Office High Back Bonded Leather Executive Racing Style

This Viva executive office chair is also perfect for gamers. It’s an ultra-luxurious chair. You can loosen up and let your body sink into it in comfort. The back area makes use of unique air technology to develop a back contouring zone that snuggles and supports your lower back, no matter your position.

If you frequently grumble that conventional office chairs are tough on their backs, this soft yet responsive back support provides a particular solution. The chair is equipped with bonded natural leather, which is flexible and comfy. Integrated with the hand-formed holstered arms, you can conveniently pass it off as a deluxe product, in spite of the budget price.

When it concerns adjustability, the chair operates the same ways as a regular workplace chair. The height and angle can be customized using a comfortably situated side lever. The armrest can additionally be increased as much as 22.8 inches off the ground.

The premium bonded leather with padded backrest and armrests allow you to have long sessions of gaming. You can work for hours without nagging back pains. Furthermore, you can modify the padded arms up to 90 degrees. It’s great if you want an armless chair without detaching them.

The simple pneumatic controls allow you to lower your seat or rock back in your chair. Or you can also prevent it from tilting. Thanks to its control handle. The durable wheel casters add balance and mobility. Plus, it can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight.

Why you need these ergonomic chairs while working?

Our way of living is now inactive. Thanks to our attachment to computers and other contemporary technology. Being in a chair for hours at a time doing your work can bring about all sort of health issues that you may not know of. Lower neck and back pain is just one of the most common disorders in modern-day culture.

These three ergonomic chairs from Viva are the cream of the pop because of their budget and features. Some with substandard functions or sturdiness compared to the three that made our list.

The Viva office chairs are an outstanding all-rounder with few concessions for a budget plan chair. We enjoyed them all because of their cutting-edge style. They have distinct advantages that individuals who find basic office chairs too hard on their back or butt will surely appreciate them.