YETI Hopper 20 Review

Summer is quickly approaching and with summer comes fishing, camping, and beach trips. All of which requires a cooler to keep your drinks ice cold and your sandwiches away from the blistering summer sun. There is nothing worse than a cooler that can’t accomplish the simple task of keeping your perishables cool to the touch. If yours isn’t up to the task anymore, it’s time to start searching for the perfect one to take with you on road trips and the time to start searching is now, before the family hits the road for some fun and relaxation. But what cooler will sustain you for the whole summer and beyond? Maybe even years? The answer is here. It’s the YETI Hopper 20.
YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler
Large enough to fit everything that you could possibly need, like water, soda cans, and beer, but small enough to not take up too much room on your boat deck. Road trips will be better than ever now. No need to worry if you’re drinks will be cold because this leakproof, portable cooler will keep everything cool for over 48 hours. One customer claims that, “it keeps stuff cool—really cool—and for a long time. Using Yeti’s own icepack, I’ve put in a 12 pack of cold [beers] and pulled out a cold one more than 48 hours later.”
YETI Hopper 20 Review

New Features

There are also new features to the newest YETI cooler to take into consideration. The company is constantly improving on its formula, so that their customers receive the best there is to offer for the dedicated outdoorsman. YETI has rolled out some new technology to accompany with their latest treasure. Including:

  • Dryhide Shell: a fabric that is waterproof and is resistant to mildew, perforations, and scrapes
  • Coldcell Insulation: a closed-cell foam insulation that will keep everything you put in this cooler cold, especially when compared to other soft coolers
  • Hydrolock Zipper: to make sure that the inside of the cooler stays airtight and waterproof
  • Tie-Down Points: six to be exact, so that you have multiple ways to secure your cooler while cruising around on your road trips or so that it doesn’t fly off of the boat deck
  • Hitchpoint Grid: so that you can attach other accessories to the exterior of your cooler, like a bottle opener

The cooler also comes in two different colors: field tan/blaze orange, and fog gray/tahoe blue. What is great about this cooler is that even though it will spend the majority of its time keeping your drinks cool in direct sunlight, the fabric is fade resistant. It will retain the nice, rich color of the fabric no matter how long it sits in the sun.
There are also three different sets of handles and a convenient shoulder strap so that you can have different ways to carry your cooler from place to place. The fact that there are so many different ways to carry your YETI is just another way to ensure that your comfort is sustained throughout your trip and that you can enjoy your time instead of having to lug around a cooler from car to boat and back to car.
The YETI Hopper also comes in three different sizes: 20, 30, and 40. They all are perfect for those that just want to get out on their boat, catch some rainbow trout, and not worry about your water getting tepid. Size is really based on preference – you will still get all of the new features no matter which size you pick.
YETI Hopper 20 Review

New Price

When the Hopper was first announced back in February, YETI CEO Matt Reintjes said, “YETI sets the standard for the soft cooler category, and we’re constantly striving for improvement.” The improvement is there, it is clear to see the new features that have been added to the cooler, however the real downside to this is the price.
YETI coolers have always run on the more expensive side. The Hopper 20 alone will run at around $280, so the biggest question is: is it worth all of the money spent? GearJunkie thinks that the price is justifiable, claiming that the coolers will last so long that your kids will be fighting over them. If you are looking for a cheaper option you can view these knock off Yeti coolers.
For the average person, the price is probably too high. Families that don’t engage in outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and boating, will find the price tag ridiculous and ridicule YETI for even thinking that their product is worth that much money. However, for those that are looking for a cooler that can withstand the impact of constant road, fishing, and camping trips – this cooler is definitely for you.
YETI delivers on what it preaches. Their line of coolers has consistently delivered on quality each and every time. Their products are suited for the outdoorsman, consistently ranking in the top quality coolers in camping, hiking, and fishing. So, if your interests tick all of those boxes, then don’t scoff at the price, the Hopper 20 may be the perfect fit for you.

Same Old YETI

Even with the price to contend with, there is no denying that YETI provides quality coolers for the dedicated outdoorsman. Their puncture resistant Dryhide Shell fabric will ensure that the Hopper lasts years and years, while the Coldcell Insulation will keep your drinks ice cold to the touch.
YETI Hopper 20 Review
If you have been hemming and hawing over whether or not you should dedicate the money to the new Hopper, take the leap. The cooler is worth more than the price tag – it will enable you to enjoy your road trip instead of fretting over how cold your drink is. There is nothing worse than a cooler that is not dependable, especially when all you want to do is enjoy your free time outside. With the Hopper 20 you will spend less time worrying and more time creating memories that will last you a lifetime.
Are you interested in checking out the Hopper 20? It is available to order on Amazon, and also available in stores in shops like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, and West Marine.