Yeti Hopper vs Tundra – Consumer Reports for 2022

When it comes to coolers, you know you can go wrong with a Yeti. Based out of Austin, TX the company has been manufacturing coolers since 2006. It is a trusted name with fishermen, campers, and hunters. Keeping that in mind, which Yeti cooler should you get? Today, we take a look at the Tundra and Hopper series and help you decide which one is more suitable for you.

Soft or Hard?

The Yeti Tundra comes with a hard exterior while the Hopper is soft. So what material do you prefer? The Tundra is constructed for use in light to extreme environment. It is certified bear proof so you know it is durable.
The Hopper is has a soft exterior and cannot withstand an attack from a bear. It is however, more convenient when you travel. Like all Yeti products, the Hopper is durable. You can throw it around, drag it in dirt, do your worst and you will rarely see any wear or tear on it. It has an exterior of heavy rubber and nylon straps.

So what is your style hard or soft? Depending on the type of trip, you can choose which cooler would be better suited for you. The protection and durability of the Tundra is great for camping, tailgating, fishing and other events that require cooler built for the rugged lifestyle. The Hopper can be used in the same regard but lacks a few functionality that Tundra has. The Tundra’s performance in rugged environment just outclasses other coolers.

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to cooler it does, depending on your need of course. The Tundra series is pretty bulky when compared to the Hopper series. The Tundra series can hold anywhere from 20 to 222 cans, depending on the size of the cooler, with 2:1 ice to can ratio. The weight of Tundra also ranges from 20 to 89 pounds, empty. Tundra 350 is so big that you can easily use it as a bathtub. Whereas the Hopper series is much smaller in comparison. It can hold 12 to 36 cans.

YETI Tundra Haul

However, there is a reason for that. Yeti has made these series for different use. The Hopper is for a cooler on the go. Something you can easily carry on your shoulder, hence the shoulder strap. A cooler to keep your drink and snacks for shorter trips. The Tundra is a cooler that would be for longer, more rugged use. If you go for a weekend of camping, decide to throw a party, or go for a fishing trip. The cooler can store a lot more for a longer period of time. So size does matter, depending on your need. Both Hooper and Tundra series are great in their own terms.

Ice Retention

All Yeti products perform extraordinary when it comes to ice retention. Yeti has perfected the insulation system within its cooler which aids them in retaining more ice.

The Tundra series is equipped with Yeti’s PermaFrost Insulation. This adds a bit of bulk to the cooler but also supports it in its function. The insulation uses polyurethane foam which retains ice. It also comes with the ColdLock Gasket, which blocks heat intrusion in the cooler.

The Hopper series has Yeti’s ColdCell Insulation which promises to keep the ice in its original form for days. It uses rubber foam to keep the cooler cool. The cooler also has a tapered body which also aids it to retain ice.
If ice retention all you are looking for then it is a hard choice between the two. Both these coolers are exceptional in retaining ice and keeping your drinks cool. So you can go with either one, depending on the size of cooler you want.

YETI Hopper


So with that we end our comparison of the Yeti’s two popular lines of coolers, the Hopper and Tundra series. Yeti really has perfected coolers with these two premier series. Ofcourse, they are not really intended to go up against one another as the use of each is for different purposes. However, a cooler is a cooler and as a customer you can’t go wrong with either one of these. So before you decide on which one to get, think about your use of the cooler. When it comes to performance, both these series are top of the line. So if you are more of an on the go type of person and don’t really need to carry too many drinks at once then, the Hopper series is for you. If you like to throw wild parties or go on long trips in the wild, then the middle to top end of the Tundra series is for you. So which one will you choose soft or hard?

Hopper Series Pros

  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Capacity to hold 12, lower end, to 36 cans, higher end Hopper
  • Durable with ColdCell Insulation for ice retention
  • Modern design and colors

Hopper Series Cons

  • Expensive

Tundra Series Pros

  • PermaFrost Insulation for ice retention
  • Rugged, durable material
  • ​Rotomolded construction
  • Bear-resistant
  • Securely locked with T-Rex Latching and NeverFail Hinge

Tundra Series Cons

  • Higher end Tundra are heavy and not easy to carry
  • Expensive